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Why Happiness?

Happiness is the richest demur anyone will ever own in life. 
Can you hate happiness if you do not understand what it is?

I dare you to ask yourself what happiness truly means to you. Is the main reason you wake up with a smile on your face hoping to embrace the hours ahead of your day? Fortunately, some wake up to spend quality time with their loved ones. Happiness is found in many uncommon places in our day lives. It is about doing good deeds to loved ones or even strangers. Years fly by and we all know importance of happiness.

Willingly, we all look to live a life that filled with joy and happiness. It is not the material things that make us happy. It is true that there have been many misconceptions about Happiness. The most acknowledged misconception about happiness is that you need someone to make you happy. Some have argued that others don't create happiness. All the while we live in a world where people believe they cannot live without other people making them happy. The funny thing is that it does not always work to rely on another person to make you happy. I grew up knowing that an individual is the creator of his or her happiness. No one is held responsible for your happiness.

As Ryan Rivera would say, You are a person - If you believe that everyone deserves happiness, then you must also believe that you deserve happiness too. You can control your happiness. As much as you try to help others, the only person whose happiness you can fix with any certainty is your own. Certainly, we can all agree that we are the creators of our happiness.

Additionally, society has accepted the fallacy of money creating happiness. It saddens me to see people believe that you need money to be happy. Without doubt, we live in a world where money has everything to do with one`s entrapment. I just wonder if many have realized that nothing in this world happens without utilization of money. Happiness is much more than silver and gold. It might be worth paying for but surely too valuable for you to sell. When there is no money, joy and contentment may remain. So what is this misconception about money being the source of happiness? Does money make you happy?

An individual should believe that happiness takes no account of time. There is no set date, time or place for you to allow happiness in your life. Unquestionably, the path of happiness might be paved with obstacles. But things will get smoother each day once we accept the need /importance for happiness in our lives. It requires us to focus on what we truly value and not what will get the approval of others. It is up to each of us to know what it takes to be balanced and happy.

Our relationships enhance our lives and make them richer, but they do not "make" us happy. We do. Creating joy in our lives is all about loving who we really are and follow our passions.

Smile more. It will get you through the difficulties and leave everyone around you in a happy place. It is time for you to find happiness, instead of pushing it further from you. Yes there will be hardships in life but accept happiness in your life..

Life is filled with so many moments of joy and gladness. It requires you to create happiness. Do not wait for the time to be right. Start where you are.

Choose to be happy