Manifestation miracle

Message From the Universe: One Step Forward for the Greater Good of Humanity!

"Did you realize that whenever you gave anything, to anyone, you gave to the entire world?

And did you realize that for every path you've walked, for every stone you've turned over, and for every door you've knocked on, you did so for everyone?

And finally, did you realize that whenever you felt love, for any reason whatsoever, you irrevocably lifted the entire planet higher into the light?

Knock, knock - 
The Universe"

It might not seem like your effort to make this world a better place will amount to anything but you are wrong. When you pay it forward, you are involved to make someone's life better and hopefully that person will do the same for someone else and so on and so forth. By the end, your generosity have probably impacted a few thousand people, indirectly I must say, but still made changes. The same can go if everyone else do the same. It is not that difficult. By providing help for someone in need is how it can all start. Someone you may not know may pay attention to what you are doing and do the same to someone else. It might not happen ALL the time but it can and when it does, you are a contributing part to this new chain reaction. People get inspired when others are generous, as they do not want to be frowned upon as cheap and insensitive. That is why religious organization are making a killing at Sunday Mass when passing the basket to drop your contribution. When you see others put money in, you can't just pass the basket to your neighbor without having to give something as well. If that works for these institutions, why can't it work for your actions as well.

Humans love to be needed, to be a part of something big and help others reach that level of spirituality that not many will ever reach in their lifetime. We want to be closer to G-d and find ourselves throughout this difficult journey we call life. Success doesn't mean the same to everyone, and many will equal success as having enough money to pay off the USA debt. Others will feel that success is something they create as a spiritual goal by finding out who they are as people, as being aware of their role in this planet. No matter how you define success, as long as you do the things that make you happy, that is what counts the most. We all have a mission on Earth and it is important to take the time to figure out what we need to do to accomplish this mission. By meditating more often, you create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind, which will help you get closer to finding out what will make you happy. Being aware of your role on Earth is what will guide you to your path of righteousness. Do not stress if you can't figure it out yet, it will come to you when you least expect it.!&id=9430240