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1-Mph Is Always Better Motivation Than Standing Still

If you are currently standing still and begin to move at 1-mph, you can accomplish anything you desire. Simply moving forward at any speed will begin to take you in a positive direction. Take that first step.

"The average walking speed is 3.1-mph so you almost don't even have to walk to begin moving forward." 
1-mph is the half-way point between sitting and walking.

Moving at 1-mph you can...

Walk 1 mile in an hour
Walk 24 miles in a day
Complete a 5k in 3.1 hours
Run a marathon in 26.2 hours
Move from the East coast to the West coast of the USA in 125 days going 1-mph
Circle the earth in 2 yrs and 288 days
In 28 years you could even reach the moon
At 1-mph YOU can take the first step to achieving your goals.
Moving forward even at 1-mph makes much more sense than not moving at all. At 1-mph you are moving slow enough to be in complete control yet able to shift direction or even stop, without any major damage. You have the time to view your surroundings and establish the impact, while still moving forward.

"The risk of failure is nearly diminished because you are not out of control, but in complete control." 
This analogy can be used when examining the impact new technology can potentially have on a business. In many cases, a technology's value cannot be recognized until it is functioning as part of their environment and experiencing the benefits firsthand. However, there always needs to be that first step towards positive movement.

Becoming a data driven organization is a classic example of this mindset. I would venture to say that every organization has areas of their business where combining disparate data sources is going to save them time, money, and open a window into additional valuable insight that is not currently visible. Forward movement (1-mph) can be as simple as determining where you are spending additional efforts combining data, or what data information would you like to leverage that is not currently accessible. No expenses are incurred other than the time understanding and making internal business connections to the technology you are investigating, and taking that first step.

You can apply this concept to any aspect of your business or personal life and go anywhere you want moving at 1-mph. At the very least, you are moving forward; and when you move forward, good things always happen.

It is all about that first step.