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Finding That Gnome In You

Now that I have your undivided attention, let's cut to the chase. Are you ready to run with it? Finding what fits you in this life is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to deciding what one does with their life.

Please don't take my words lightly. This will cause you to question just what are you made of and whether you could do this. You will feel as though you were there in the moment asking yourself what would you do in such situations.

You will laugh and perhaps get angry and question why. You might question why someone would want to live like this - on the road traveling in this fashion with no security or stable future in sight.

I can understand the doubts this may cause that someone could actually live this way and get away with it. First of all, what's there to get away with? To answer that question you have to come to grips with the idea that a lot of the freedoms we once had, no longer exist. The laws have changed and it has become increasingly difficult in this extreme way of living.

Although I was very fortunate never to be arrested or charged with any crime, today I can promise you that the fear we experienced first hand is nothing compared to today's fear of not knowing which direction unforeseen challenges will come at you. Is it now possible to maintain the onus or huge responsibilities that come with operating within the boundaries of the curtailed freedoms of today?

What I can hear some of you say, is that just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean you didn't do something bad or wrong. All I can say to that is that you will never know, nor were you there to say I did or did not. I still have all my integrity intact, and all my dignity still functioning. We all have, no matter who or where you are at, skeletons in our closets. The only question that we ask ourselves is how much do we want to go back and live again by writing about our past lives and try to put flesh back on those dry bones.

Finding what fits you and the Gnome that is somewhere deep inside you, coupled with the desire to travel, is a dream that has long since passed, in today's world. Sure, you can travel, but to do it in a bygone fashion is virtually out of the question. Most would, indeed, fail miserably.

By now you're asking why we chose to make this our way of life. We started out like all of them that came before us and made the trails and paths that we all wish to visit once again, not knowing what to do with ourselves being so young, immature, without a care as to the outcome. We went wherever life took us. Somehow, we knew we were in a continuous circle of events that would eventually form us into who we were meant to be and what we ultimately have become today.

Very few think like this, or exist like we still do today, in this modern society. Most have sold out, are so secluded, afraid of their own shadow and value what everyone else thinks and conform to accepted norms. In our case you either love us or you hate us. We cannot be bought off with you cushions and soothing mind candy stores. We will joust with windmills no matter how hot or cold they may be. We will die doing what we do best. And be happy in our end.

And when It comes time, we will find the right tree to give a final hug to, with an understanding of life and its values in its natural form, then pass on. We will pass on with no regrets. So we invite you if you will, to come along with us for a read on lives lived to their fullest facing challenges head on. We hope you find that Gnome in you. It does exist. Live with no regrets and always remember where you came from. So let it be said, So let it be written, So let it be read.