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Really? There Are Things You Can Change About Yourself To Be Peaceful Within

Really! There are things we can change about ourselves to be at peace within? Just like the title says it, you bet ya.

Well, let's get down to business. Man wants to be at peace with itself and just like you, we want peace in our lives as well.

But, to get there we have to change things about ourselves to create this inner peace in our heads.

First the world is not going to change for us, we have to get it through our thick numskull heads. We need to grow up and stop acting as little children and see the brutal bloody reality that it's not them, it's us. Brutal eh?

I am just being honest here, there are things we MUST change about ourselves to get there. Stop playing the sympathy card we are strong man, man in tights, well not exactly but soldiers.

Okay, I am ready. Are you? Getting to the nitty giddy, you want peace, I want peace, we all want an increased peace of mind and perhaps the whole sha bang as well! Yummy. This reminded me a bit about cake. Anyway, we want peace, tranquility everything that is related, concern or married to being well. That is why you're reading this.

But one thing that is for sure keeping us from being at peace with ourselves is our own idea about perfection. We want to think we are perfect or hope others see us as perfect even though in the inside we are dying slowly, melting away.

We come up with these crazy ideas that come our of the blue, "I am not perfect, they are not perfect, why in the world do I have high standards for others... etc... etc... "

Just thinking about this makes me bonkers. But let's be honest and sincere here, we are not at peace in our own mind because we want everything to be perfect, polished, dent-free and because our lives are not a certain way or because we are not a certain way we cry.

Staple a sheet of paper on your forehead that says " I am not perfect and should not expect others to be". Perhaps, and I am saying here perhaps this will help, but more than likely it will not.

We are stubborn people that want fast results, certain things to happen, logical beings, squared, rigid and we want things to be a certain way. Too bad they are not, sorry to burst your navy blue bubble.

I guess what I am saying here is, we have to change us. We have to stop expecting others to change for us when they will not.

We have to grab our... and look at ourselves in the mirror and change. We want to feel that sensation of tranquility in our lives. We need to stop blaming others for our unhappiness or troubled mind. Oh I hope this works.

I guess you're right. We need to change. There is no easy way to this. It's just us against the world. We can do this, if we change the world will not affect us. If they change, well, that would be awesome, but no, they will not change. We change.

How will we get there? It's simple we know that getting there is a personal process, self-development or improvement what ever you want to call it. We have to have hope for ourselves.

Most of us are not at peace with ourselves because we are such pessimistic, miserable people, we're just good old plain negative about everything, come on shine me some light here, I am dying.

Hope, this is what is going to save us. We must have hope that we will gain peace in our lives, hope that we know how to get there, hope that we will learn to work on ourselves.

We are hopeful people and peaceful folks.

Live up to your potential, that is what we must do.