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Magic Versus Miracle

The fastest route to achieve anything is either through magic or miracle. Other fast ways are still categorised under these two umbrellas.

In the absence of hypocrisy and judgmental attitude, we all want the quickest means to achieve our goals. Unaware to many, they keep seeking magic not knowing that they should be looking for miracle instead.

Magic and miracle are like two sides of a coin; with so much similarity, but yet different.

Magic is an illusion. It can happen anywhere, anytime and any how irrespective of the conditions.

Miracle is real and It requires a foundation before it can occur. That is, some kind of work on the part of the bearer; psychological and physical.

It is imperative that you understand the differences between the two.

Magic works for the time being and fades away after a while, whereas miracle is natural and it lasts forever.

Even though you may find it difficult to distinguish between magic and miracle, as long as you don't allow self deception to take over, it will become evident.

Are you still skeptical? Let's do some breakdown.

In a bid to lose fat you tend to be susceptible to all sorts of theories and concepts. To make matters worse, the fitness industry is saturated with "lose fat quickly"campaigns. Certainly, you will be tempted to opt for these fast methods, but you have to shine your eyes. STOP GOING FOR THE FAKE.

"Lose 40 pounds in a month" is an example of MAGIC and it's preposterous. With the present technology and evolutionary state of humans, any loss of weight beyond 15 pounds in a month is unhealthy and surely has consequences. Who knows, maybe sometimes in the year 2088, the human body might be able to withstand higher weight loss within a short period of time. We might even have usb ports and wifi connection under our armpits by then to upload fatloss routines into our bodies.

As of now, the healthy way to lose fat is through proper exercise and meal adjustments. Slow and steady is the key to sustainable weight loss.

So how do you get miracle?

You have to lay down the proper ground work then allow nature to do the rest. It is crucial that you comprehend with the fact that miracle needs a foundation to work on. In order words, some work has to be done by an individual before it can take place.

In spite of the high controversy on supplements, they can still be taken but in a safe manner. Nutrition and exercise can be likened to a footballer and his skillset while supplement is a soccer boot.

First and foremost, the footballer must kick the ball before he can score a goal. The soccer boot enhances the intensity of his kicks and protects his feet, however he must ensure that his boot is made of the right material. A bad supplement is like a boot that is fully made of raw metal, not only will it injure the ankle of the player, it will also burst the football.

Using supplements without performing exercise will not work. It's like wearing a soccer boot without kicking the ball. The ball will not move.

Brethren, Set your ball in motion and let nature take over.

Peace unto you.