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How to Tap Into The Vacation Mindset To Get Things Done

Have you ever experienced that extreme productivity on a Friday morning when you know that it is a must for you to finish all the work because you're going on a vacation for an entire week on Saturday's evening?

That's the power of activating your vacation mindset.

That's when you feel the supreme urgency to get things done no matter what.

That's when you give up all the potential excuses of why you can't possibly finish things on time.

That's when you actively cut off all potential distraction, get into flow, and spark that insane laser focus on the necessary work in front of you, no matter how difficult they might seem.

Why is this vacation mindset so powerful?

It's because when you are about to go on a vacation, you know that you don't want to have a ton of unfinished stuff dangling in your office. You want to finish it, kill it and put an end to it.

If you don't finish them, our brain will create a cognitive dissonance where we want to close this open loop (i.e. finish the stuff we know we need to) and arrive at that internal consistency.

That's why we feel extremely motivated to get things done so that we can fully enjoy our vacation later on.

Furthermore, the vacation mindset is not only about hitting the deadline.

It's also about reaching that finish line where there will be tremendous rewards and pleasures waiting for you.

You're actually looking forward to that.

Of course, the vacation mindset will no longer work if you lie to yourself every day that things are urgent, and you get things done only to realize that there's no celebrations at all at the end.

So you've got to celebrate your hard work at the end of this productivity trick.

Reward yourself nicely. Go have some fun. Drop all your obligations and chill out.

Also, do not abuse this strategy.

It's intended to be used sparingly, otherwise you're going to experience massive burnout and its effectiveness is going to diminish.

Once a month, once a fortnight or at most once a week on a nice Friday will be a good time frame to activate this superpower.

On the day when you activate this power, remember to turn off your phone, close all emails, cancel all unnecessary meetings and step away from as many electronics as possible.

You want to create an impenetrable attention bubble so that you put 100% of your energy to attack the single most important project with full force, intensity and vigor.

When you finish that total immersion, come back to reality, take a deep breathe, let go of any self-judgments and get ready for some parties in the weekend!