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Fun Ways to Celebrate Small Success Within Your Budget

So you were appreciated by the boss by completing all the tasks for the week. You just smiled and got on with more tasks because there are still so much to do.

Hold up. Pause. Don't you think you deserve a little celebration to motivate yourself more? Here is how.

Write a blog about it

There is nothing like the old school diary writing to express the joy of achieving the small success. In the era dominated by mobile technology and the Internet, you can do away with writing them down in a diary and create a blog about your success. Although, writing in on your journal is perfectly fine. This does not mean bragging about it, though. Make this an avenue to inspire others, who like you, are struggling and striving to win in life.

Treat yourself to dinner

Nothing in this world can make us the happiest than our favorite food. You don't have to tag the friends along or eat at a fancy restaurant. All you need to celebrate is a takeout of from the favorite dinner place while catching up on the latest TV series. Call me a loser, but, The Big Bang Theory gang and a box of pizza will keep me happy for a week. So don't hesitate from indulging yourself with 'cheat' food. You. Deserve. It.

Two things: Cake and flowers

You can skip dinner and dig straight into dessert. Buy yourself a cake and some flowers to truly celebrate the achievement. These things are the staple gifts for commemorating huge success. But, who said you couldn't give it to yourself to celebrate the small ones? So, head out to the favorite bakeshop for that wonderful treat. While you're at it, drop by the flower shop and make yourself happy with beautiful blooms to decorate the bedroom-- a reminder of what you can become.

Sleep and relax

Doing a good job at work or in school will cost you the sleep you need. It is the high time to sleep off all the stress and relax. This will provide you with the needed energy and a healthy mind to make more success in the future.

Be happy and enjoy the congratulations

Sometimes, we fail to accept the compliment of others because we think we don't deserve or because we don't want to come out as arrogant. Let yourself experience the simple joys of being appreciated. It will feed your soul and mind to do even better.

No matter how small or big your success is, you are entitled to enjoy and celebrate simply because you deserve it. By the way, congratulations!