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Message From the Universe: Keep It Silent Until the World Can See Your Prowess!

"Just act normal.

If you let just anyone know about your awareness of the legions in the unseen doing your bidding, or the population shifts now being sparked by your very words, or the circumstances and events presently being crafted by your thoughts, you just might create the illusion that you're from a not-so-distant parallel star system, possessing mysterious powers, favored by fate, here to save the world.

And, man-oh-man, you do not want that to happen! 
The Universe"

Share it only when you make it, or until everyone discovers your awesomeness. No need to go and spread the word to get some congratulations on a potential venture that might or not succeed. More you get people involved in your business, more chances you get to deal with difficult challenges because of the negative energy that is being sent your way. Let's face it. People HATE seeing others succeed and will complain about why their lives is still the way it was 3 years ago, and nothing changed. However, when they see someone come up with a new trend and make millions out of it, they are more inclined to wish that whatever you are doing won't succeed so you can find yourself in the same place that they are in. Zig Ziglar often said: "Helping others succeed will boomerang back to you and you will enjoy the same level of success. Help others first". Always enjoy the journey and focus on how you can participate to making changes in this world, and eventually, you will take advantage of the positive outcome of your hard work.

Life is very difficult as it is, so why add negative thoughts to the mix. You may and WILL experience failure in your lifetime, but why people panic in the face of failure is because they never expect it, so it comes by surprise. Whatever you start in life, especially in business, be willing to fail. Learn from your lessons and do things better the next time around. Dust it off and start over and do not let these failures define you in any ways. You can control your own stress level and forgo the petty things that changes your mood and feelings. There are always worst things out there that can be much more difficult to handle. Be grateful for what you already have and you should feel fortunate for the blessings you are experiencing. I am not saying to be complacent for whatever should happen and just take it as it is, but just make decisions when you are calm and collected and feeling at ease prior to making drastic decisions. Whoever is trying to hurt you out there making your life more difficult will eventually come back to them with a vengeance. There is just so much you can do to protect yourself against negativity or harsh people. Don't let them change you.!&id=9524061