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The Amazing You

Everyone has embarked on a particular journey or several of them with the aim of achieving something in their lifetime. However, most of us have given up even before starting or when we are just about to make a major break-through. In most cases, people always come up with reasons as to why they gave up on their dreams. Some of the justifications that most people cite include money, knowledge, talent, luck, experience and even subsequent failure. To discover the amazing you, you must not give up on your dreams no matter what. Read on to know why you shouldn't give up so that you become a better person in the society.

Setting a good example

If you have kids (or planning to get some in future), you want them to see the amazing you through your great achievements. The same applies to your family members especially your younger siblings or those that depend on you such as your aged parents. You would not want your children to tell stories about how you wasted an opportunity later in life. The main point here is to show the future generations what chasing your dreams really mean. And how do you achieve that? by simply not giving up.

The alternative to giving up

Giving up is not an option because you only become aimless. Remember that there is a reason for every setback that you come across in life. You may not realize the reasons from the outset, but with time, you do. There is no individual in the whole world that does not fear to fail. Interestingly, a substantial number of the most well-known people in the world had to fail over and over again before they achieved their dreams. A good example is Abraham Lincoln, who failed as a businessman, as a lawyer, at war and even in politics at the first time, but finally made it. Therefore, to achieve your dreams, you must learn to persist and persevere.

Avoid regrets

You have probably regretted trying something in your life. It could have been starting up a business or even asking someone special out on a date. No matter what kind of thing you didn't try out, the feeling of wondering what could have been can eat at you for many years. You can avoid that feeling of regret if you keep on trying. You don't have to start big. Begin by coming up with small steps on how you will achieve your objectives. And little by little, you will invent a path that will lead you to become the amazing you.

Some people are worse off than you

When striving at achieving your dreams, keep in mind that there is someone else who is far from reaching where you already are. So, whenever you think about giving up, remember that those people who are behind you are in a worse environment or situation than you. This takes us back to the point of setting a good example. It's such a great feeling to be an inspiration to others when you refuse to give up. People can find a reason to fight harder and achieve their goals. You are also able to prove the naysayers wrong when you don't give up on your dreams.

There will be successes along the way

With your big dreams, it's obvious that you will come across some stepping stones of achievement. These stepping stones come in the form of victories that give you the motivation to push on till you realize your dreams. And in the same breath, the small achievements that you make along the way help in shaping the amazing you since they offer you a practical learning opportunity to enhance your strategy.

The ultimate joy of success

As mentioned earlier, we often give up too soon since we at times can't see what the future holds for us. There is no need of surrendering your dreams because you will achieve them one day. The elation that will come with the attainment will make the entire struggle worthwhile. A mere phone call or one more interview could be standing between you and success enabling you to become the amazing you in the blink of an eye. The fascinating part is that you never know how close you are because success is usually just around the corner.