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Message From the Universe: Keep Looking at the BIG Picture!


What, you think the Universe doesn't have toga parties?

Believe me, here it never ends!

The homecoming parties are really crazy! Old loves and friendships are rekindled and spontaneous enlightenment is passed around like, well, like you know what. But then, there are the other parties... whoooeeee! Real hoedowns for the most brilliant, radiant, and illuminated souls in our midst! Fearless beings willing to further the collective consciousness by delving into a kaleidoscope of emotions. Embarking upon the greatest adventure ever imagined into the sacred, hallowed jungles of time and space, where illumination is taken to dazzling new levels and salvation guaranteed, not for what they might do with their lives, but for simply seeing them through. These... are the Bon Voyage parties!

We owe you BIG, 
The Universe"

Why think small when you can reach for the moon? If you are putting so much energy into thinking positive, don;'t hesitate into thinking beyond what your mind can imagine or believe. Thinking BIG dreams might be scary, I agree with you on that one. Many would be afraid of looking at the big picture because it can be overwhelming at times, and once you cross that thought process, and understand the requirements of the BIG picture, you will not let yourself get overwhelmed and stressed about it. Everything will come into place and the piece of the puzzle will get together to form that perfect image of your dream. Focus on the small steps and walk them well. Once you have reached the first mile, go for the next and the next after that. Never be afraid of walking the unknown, and avoid following the crowd, they don't always bring you to your destination. Many will be afraid of the unknown, not sure of what's on the other side and will prefer staying in their cocoon rather than potentially experience something greater in their lives. Nothing is for sure in life, and there is always a possibility for failure. But what is the alternate choice? Not doing anything? Avoid taking chances? Afraid of exploring new things because fear have taken over your soul? You should decide what is your best option and take action. Whatever the outcome, you can feel proud that you have made the decision by yourself and can assume the responsibilities of that decision. No one can take that away from you.

No one can accurately predict what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month. Learn to live life TODAY and appreciate what you already have. There is no need to worry about what will come tomorrow, or if you will have that promotion, or meet that right person, or graduate school Suma Cum Laude or whatever else you are trying to seek. If you put the effort and energy in everything you do, the Universe will somewhat take care of the how's it will all happen. Miraculously, without even you knowing how it all happened, events will render the results that you've been expecting, which can also be associated with premonition, without it being a prediction. Yes, it is somewhat contradictory to what really exist in this world, but some power from above is looking down and understands your belief and commitment to making a better life for yourself and the people around you. Just keep on moving forward, focus on what's in front of you and do not look back. There is never anything good when looking into the past, except for good memories.!&id=9505468