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How to Overcome Bitterness - It Is Only Bringing You Down

What's the point of your hatred? What will you get from it? Absolutely nothing. Holding a grudge on a person for far too long will only hinder your growth as an individual. You will continue to get stuck in that same wretched situation that is also preventing you from moving on. Overthrow your anger and embrace positivity in your life.

Yes, it does hurt and it leaves a deep scar in your heart. When you obtain an injury, the last thing you would want to do is leave it as it is, without even applying proper medication. It is bound to get worse and before you know it, the will hurt so much more than before. So patch it up. You may release your anger but after that, remember to walk away. Don't bring negativity inside your life.

There is nothing good in prolonging your bitterness. It is not an easy process. You can be wary, but don't let it consume the best of you. Inspire yourself to let go of your grudge through these few tips.

Learn to forgive

For now, since the wounds are still too fresh, this may be the last thing you would want to do. But be always "open" to the idea of it. Nothing lasts forever and so is your bitterness. When you forgive a person, it doesn't necessarily mean that you pretend that you are 100% okay. You don't forget the hurt, it will always be there. Whether you like it or not, it is already a part of you. It is now one of the reasons why you are now wiser and stronger than before.

In order to forgive, you have to surrender your desire for revenge. You don't need to personally see to it that you both are even. Doing so will only ignite an endless war between the two of you. Give yourself a break from all the emotional pain and start mending whatever is broken.


Be sensitive to your need of healing. You are no superman so stop enduring the pain. If you are lucky enough that the person who hurt you is willing to atone for his faults, point out what changes and efforts you would need to see before both of you can truly achieve reconciliation. But if you are on your solitary road of cure, as much as possible aim to regain what has been taken away from you. The moment you constantly strive to achieve self-peace, the less bitter you will be even if the pain is still there.


Whatever you do, don't stay in that same place. Don't hold on to that grudge again and again. Don't dwell on the hurt and divert your focus on how to move on. Right now it may feel that nothing is happening, but if you persist and continue walking, sooner or later you will definitely reach euphoria.

Without proper guidance, it would be quite impossible to heal your wounds. Seek God's grace and ask for advice from your family and friends. Help should be widely embraced in your grievous moments. Healing is possible if you make it happen.

Be better not bitter.