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In Trying to Please Everybody

I want to always please everybody even to the point of sacrificing my own happiness. I want them to be happy and proud with my achievements. But the irony is that I am not happy at all. Trying to please them tires me somehow. Why do I have to strive hard just to have other people's approval?

Most of the time we are conscious of what others would think. We always do what others expect us to do. But we do not realize that only one mistake can make us fall into pieces because this type of mindset is not sound and healthy. We should do what we want in our lives. Life is a matter of choice. If we let other people control us, we're likely to grow hatred toward them and more towards ourselves.

Even if by nature we really want to please, we cannot satisfy everybody. In our attempt to make other people happy, we are actually ignoring ourselves to be happy. Happiness is a matter of choice. We do not have to put everyone else before ourselves. We have to stop thinking that our self-worth is based on what we do to others. It is not true that our feeling of security and self-confidence are based on getting the approval of others.

If we don't want other people take advantage on us, we really have to speak up our minds. It might make them angry with us but the point is, we are able to satisfy ourselves. We do not have to pretend that we agree with them because they will not even appreciate our efforts.

We have to accept the fact that no matter what we do, we really cannot please everybody. When we are not worried about what everyone else thinks, it's easier to focus on the things that actually matter to us than to contemplate on things that do not concern us.

When we are very much concerned with pleasing others, we let ourselves vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. We will never reach our maximum potential if we live our lives based on what others' expect. They cannot even recognize our true worth but on the number of errands we can do for them.

We have to stop thinking about what would make others happy. It's time to redirect our focus from others to ourselves. It's difficult to improve our own lives if we are too busy entertaining others.

This article would somehow open the minds of the readers that in their attempt to please, they are hurt in return. From now on, stop pleasing others. Just be yourself and you will be happy.