Manifestation miracle

How Does Mind Power Work?

Your Mind Controls Your Life

The Secret, and the Law of Attraction state that we control our destiny with our minds. This is a powerful idea and there are many "how to" articles that vary somewhat from each other. This is because our understanding of our spiritual mind is rather individual. The idea that we can control what happens in our life; that we can control our destiny is exciting but sounds like something that is factual only in the fantasy of science fiction writers. In fact, it is true in your life as it is in mine. It is true when you don't know how you have done it, as well as when you have seen the effect in your own life.

The teachings of "mind power" or "new thought" such as Wallace Wattles, and Charles Hannel and Napoleon Hill described and defined, started in the early 1900's. More recently, Gregg Braden explained the Divine Matrix as a substantive creative matrix which exists everywhere and is responsive to our thought. He offered a great deal of scientific evidence to prove the existence of the Divine Matrix. This is the key. Whatever-we-think generates change in the Divine Matrix surrounding us. When we think bad things are coming, bad things will be generated by the Divine Matrix. When we think about wondrous changes in our lives, the Divine Matrix will make a different adjustment, and wondrous things will be heading in our direction. This probably sounds too simple to be true. In my field it might be labeled as "magical thinking" but it is also an optimistic affirmation of our spiritual power over life.

Many contemporary coaches of the Law of Attraction, present your visualization as the beginning of creation. This does not have the direct effect that you might expect which is why many students are disappointed. Your visualization, or dream, or idea, causes a change in your feelings, and then, in your activity. If these changes are "wishy-washy", you will have an equivalent manifestation.

Your Mind Births Your Feelings:

Life is magical. Until we die, or give up, we continue to create new adventures and new challenges and new successes and new people. I like to explain that life is like a video game. Once we have achieved level 10, if we have a setback, we do not drop back to level 1, or 2, but only to the beginning of level 10. As long as we stay positive, and believe that life will continue to improve, it will. We will have challenges, because in the challenges we prove our mettle, and develop strengths needed for the next higher level.

Our thoughts affect the Matrix, and our feelings. If our feelings are negative, we will generate more negativity. If our feelings are positive, excited, and generate happiness, we will generate more events that bring about more of that. It is the power of our feelings that powers the magic, or manifesting.

Your Feelings Power Your Magic:

The power of our feelings, and the vibrational level of our feelings, is the engine that accelerates the Divine Matrix to create change. So, if, as explained above, we are thinking good and positive thoughts, but we are not very excited or invested in the dream, we will have good things happen but they won't be the magical events that move us up a few levels. However, when we are fully invested and excited, and have faith, then life changes will occur that we will have difficulty believing.

This is described by Neale Donald Walsch. He was homeless, and frustrated. Perhaps you can imagine how frustrated you might be if you were living in a tent village for two years. But nothing was changing in his life until one morning he voiced his questions in an emotionally charged prayer and God answered. The result was his first book, Conversations with God. More quickly than I could believe, the book was bought by a publisher, and Neale was suddenly rich. He went from having nothing, and no prospects, to having $50,000. And this was only the beginning. For Neale, things changed quickly almost the instant that he asked for help from an inspired place of courage, and willingness to hear an answer. And for you, they can change just as substantially once you show a willingness or an optimism for change.