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A Simple Tool To Keep Feeling Better and Better

Life can hand you many energy drains, thieves or blocks throughout your day. They come in all forms. People you meet who can apparently zap your energy just like that. The clutter in your house that drains you while you go about your thing - not even aware that this is happening. Or maybe it's your mind, where you give away your power, joy and ease by worrying over and over about something that will never happen. You get stuck in situations that frustrate you so immensely!

I'm not pretending to have the magic bullet, the one thing that you can do just once and all of life's struggles will be over. It doesn't seem to work like that. It's an ongoing thing. But I do have a very easy, simple and effective opening into keeping your energy flow going. I know it works like a charm for me!

Basically, there are two emotions: feeling better or worse. Or: inspiring or expiring. That feels nice and clear. I can handle that. Because you also know that you can choose how you feel about things - right? If you don't know this, I'm telling you it's true if you choose it to be. It's such a great relief to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Both within and without. So, now you can choose what to focus on and what to feel about it!

"Do what you like, like what you do" it says on one of my favorite t-shirts. This is how it is. Throughout your day, dare to focus on what makes you feel better. Start by becoming aware of how things make you feel. Life's not a succession of things that just happen to you and then you have no choice about how you feel about it. You're not a toy of your environment, but rather both the director and the actor. How does it get any better than that?

Feel your way through it. Does this thing or activity make you feel better or worse? Follow the better-feeling thoughts and actions. They will lead to even better-feeling thoughts and actions. Feeling good is your compass through life. It will lead you to your desires through your higher vibration. Do what you like. This is not a bad thing. And if you ever fail, don't beat yourself up for it. Be kind, especially to yourself.

And like what you do. Even if it doesn't thrill you to the bone, it's always good to simply be aware of how it feels, but not get stuck in resisting it. Just be OK with it and make a new choice for the next moment.

If you would visualize this path, you can clearly see that this approach will take you down the path of inspiration, of feeling good, further and further. You simply leave expiration, feeling worse, behind you. Ah, that feels like relief, doesn't it?

Happy travels!