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5 Things To Do For a Productive Day Throughout

Each one of us must have experienced the benefit of a clutter-free mind in having a productive time or a day once in a while. It is important to start your day with a clean mind that does not have any emotional or unnecessary clutter that will block the productivity.

Here are five things you can do to start clean and stay productive throughout.

1. Light Exercise

Start your day with light stretches or exercises. This will loosen up those tight muscles and allow the movement of fresh energy throughout without any blockages. Any light exercise might be helpful. Start with five-ten minutes and then increase as your schedule permits and body allows.

2. Salt Water Bath

This can be done in the beginning or towards the end of the day or both the times. This is a great method for clearing any stress energies in your energy body. If you are using a bucket or a container, add a fist of salt (table-salt), mix it well and pour it over the entire body. If you are planning on taking a shower. Take the fist full of salt and rub it over the body, especially in the trunk area (front and back). Shower normally then. It does not take much time, but is a great cleanser.

3. Write down what is bothering you

Do this before you start your work. This is very very important. Take a piece of paper and write down whatever is bothering you at the moment. If there is nothing, leave it blank, do not deliberately bring down bothering thoughts to write.

Just write what comes to your mind, for example - "I am thinking about the discussion I had with my spouse last night. How can he think like that? This is not right. I am feeling worried and sad about it." Mention the emotions and beliefs associated with the thought if you can identify it. After writing, fold the paper and keep it aside throughout the day to add any other meddling thoughts. Trash it when you feel like.

Writing the thoughts will give them a place to be and they will not bother to disturb you when you are thinking work. Try this, may not work perfectly every time.

If meditation is part of your daily schedule, do this before the meditation. During meditation, we generally bring down a lot of energy and if we think unwanted things, they might use the energy and we will not have the desired results from meditation. We might mistakenly manifest those thoughts. So clearing your mind as much as possible before meditation is highly recommended.

4. Meditate

If you can get some time for this, it will be greatly beneficial for you. Find some small meditation to start with. There will be many audios available on YouTube. Start with 5-10 minutes. Try to do it every day. Remember start with small, but work on doing it regularly.

5. Affirmation

Once you have cleared your mind, meditated to bring down fresh energy, now put this to work. Make your affirmations or goals and either write them or read them, whatever is your favorite method of doing affirmations.

Now start your day. You will definitely notice the difference. Do share your experience with others and let them benefit too.