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Is It Time To Reformat Your Brain?

Who owns your brain? You do, and since you do, why not format it in such a way that it works best for you? Makes sense doesn't it? Not long ago, an acquaintance asked me why I chose to format my brain, and in giving him an answer, I thought I'd share it with you also, in case you'd like to do the same and reformat your own brain. Let's talk.

First you ask; Is this even possible?

Yes, it is possible to reformat your brain and since you own your own brain and thoughts, at least in the present period perhaps not so much in the future - Arthur C. Clarke "3001" Science Fiction novel - you should optimize your brain to think in the way you'd like to use it, or multiple ways and alternate as appropriate - there are many types of thinking, reasoning, and thought processes - many ways to store and retrieve information.

It's not a matter of thinking inside the box, or around the box, but both and "What If" the box is removed? A person can categorize everything if they wish, but may not then be able to combine information outside the category for which they are observing or thinking in, this does not mean the human brain is not well-served with a "filing system" it certainly can be, but also realize that "everything is related to everything else" merely because it is part of the observable human endeavor, but things outside that observed still exist and we know that because we are continually observing new things and adding to our memory (faithful servant - cite: Einstein), so we know things exist outside our experiences and current observations, and curiosity should be rewarded with a splash of pleasurable brain chemicals when we find something contrary to what we'd have expected.

This isn't hard, the N400 brainwave allows for this tickling of new ironic information and will allow us the "ah ha" moment triggering a hard imprintation. Rejoice in the novelty of hypocrisy, irony, semantic break, humor, and out of place events contrary to expected patterns, this helps narrow down one's probability when judging and interpreting. Just as we should celebrate diversity, yet never force it. Look and search out the unique and nuance as there are hidden clues everywhere, components needed for combination and creativity in problem solving. I can teach an AI machine to be creative, it's not that hard once you become one with creativity. You can too. Think on this.

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