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Message From the Universe: If It Was That Easy, Everyone on Earth Would Do It!

"I've been thinking about your independence, wealth, health and happiness. Actually, I've been thinking about it A LOT. Even considering how it will affect other aspects of your life in wonderful, unforeseen ways.

Sometimes (daily, to be honest), I even imagine you already own it. I vividly see you enjoying it; your heart racing, your friends talking, and neighbors gawking. I can literally hear their "Ooooh"s and "Ahhhhh"s, I can feel the high-fives, and I can taste the thrill of success on your lips.

How about you?

Hubba, hubba - 
The Universe"

Some say happiness is a choice, others is a feeling. I personally think it is both. When working very hard to build your business or career, you focus day in and day out into making positive changes into your life in the hope that you will reach all your dreams and goals you've personally created all through your early adulthood. You may experience failure all through this journey but that shouldn't give you reasons to abandon ship. You built that boat to take you to destination so without your control, the boat will navigate with no sense of direction and might never reach port. Stand for the things or dreams you believe in, and no matter what happens, always make sure to dust off your failures and move forward, NO MATTER WHAT. I am aware that it is difficult, or it is easier said than done, but what other choices do you have? Forget about your dreams? Go and abandon the project or venture you truly believe in? What is your alternative? Work for someone else? Do you think you would be happy doing that? You will always end up regretting that you didn't push harder, or persisted, and not overcome the challenges you faced when things were going south. If you decided to jump into the world and realms of entrepreneurship, you need to face responsibilities and hurdles to get to the top. Nothing will come easy when dealing with customers or employees. The most difficult part is to start the business, grow it to a point where you can afford employing people, hopefully the right staff, and grow the business even more. Now that you have everything in place and revenues coming in, the next challenges is to keep customers happy as well as employees to guarantee productivity in the workplace. So that is definitely another set of challenges you will need to face daily. I really do not need to tell you about all this as you are probably facing these problems as I am writing this post. Welcome to MY world.

You want financial success and independence? We all do! You want freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want? Who doesn't? However, are you willing to do whatever it takes to make all this happen? Are you willing to fail miserably to succeed gratefully? If it was easy, EVERYONE would do it. That is why we have just a few who are willing to go that extra mile to get what they want out of life. It is not for everybody. Your actions to get what you want and your believe should be aligned as well. You can't be working very hard day and night but not believe that you deserve it or that you can make yourself a success. Look at it like your fitness goals. You can't be working out 5 hours a day but then pig out eating junk food every day and complain that nothing works. In retrospect, you can't be on a diet and not exercising at all. Both aspects of fitness, exercising and nutrition, work in synergy. Don't try cutting corners will expedite the process of having the ideal body. You can break some rules along the way but don't go overboard. Your body will not be happy.,-Everyone-on-Earth-Would-Do-It!&id=9515095