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The Secret for Achieving Goals and Finishing Projects!

I love achieving goals, you could nearly say achieving goals and finishing projects has become a hobby for me. I love setting myself a task and seeing it completed. I have developed a system whereby I "see" the finished project or event so clearly I can draw it or write a summary about it. The anticipation is great, the enthusiasm to get on with it drives me on and the satisfaction on completion is amazing. I then have to decide on the next project.

I have no trouble achieving these mini goals that take from a few days or weeks to complete. Some bigger goals can take years, but now I never doubt they will happen.

Would you like to develop your confidence in setting and achieving goals and projects? Begin with something small you really want to achieve, something you are prepared to find time for that you really want. Choose something that won't take you too far from your comfort zone. It could be planning a special day out, making an elaborate birthday cake, mending something that's broken, clearing a long-awaited cupboard or shed etc. then congratulate yourself and immediately that is finished plan your next project deciding when it will be completed.

Continue in this way until it becomes a habit, not only will you get a lot done but you are building your confidence in your ability to see things through and it becomes immense fun. Build up a series of these smaller projects until you start planning life changing events with confidence.

What are your life changing goals? Emigrating, travelling the world, a new career, changing your job, setting up a business? What do you really want to do, how will you spend your future?

Make a big list of things that are important to you and work through your list and you will be surprised what you can achieve once you have momentum and believe in yourself. The satisfaction will keep you moving forward.

So far this month I have decorated several rooms in our home, they are now fresh and inviting; spent a few days with my daughter and family and picked up some more computer tips, and with the help of my partner built a new work station, all whilst continuing with my business. The time freedom my work at home business offers, allows me to fit a lot in, working with a laptop.

So what are your long-term goals? Mine were to work at home and winter in the sun, I do both. Would working at home with time and location freedom appeal to you. No more commuting or orders from the boss! It does take a while to plan and achieve a big change like that but the satisfaction is immense.

A little tip as I have tried both methods - If you are thinking of starting a business online, affiliate marketing is the simplest way to start, with the guidance of a good coach. It is much easier than attempting to learn it all alone. You will start earning much quicker too. You will have the comradeship of other entrepreneurs in the group for help, support and encouragement.

Whatever your new projects and goals are, do make a start and feel the new surge of excitement as you achieve more and your life expands. Have a great future!!&id=9455697