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Is It Really Hard to Appreciate Life?

We get up daily and think how life is unfair with us, what we have lost and what bad has happened to us, little do we know that many people in the world are willing hard to be in our place and how lucky we are to be amongst those who have little joys of life.

Question is: is it really hard to appreciate life? Does it cost a lot? Well no, it is just a matter of fact that we consider the blame game easier than appreciating and paying gratitude to life. Life is a thorough process of the good and evil, but when you start admiring little things in life, you will definitely find the inner peace. How about spreading smiles? How about being a helping hand for those who cannot survive without our help? Or how about being a positive source of joy for that someone special for whom we are enough of all?

A simple smile, a hug, a word of appreciation is more than enough to let others know their worth. We, by just sitting on our cosy couch, sprawling our feet and holding a newspaper or probably reading some news somewhere on the internet, sipping that hot tea, we discuss how weird somebody's life is and be a judge, or we often conclude our factual statements about someone's character and pass out judgments as quickly as we could. We judge people too quickly as God is waiting for our verdict to assure their guilt, I mean how difficult it is to mind our own business? Life is surely unfair at times but is it really a process of passing verdicts and deciding someone's fate? We are no one to announce our personal inner feelings to hurt someone's presence.

For a quick motivation: life is not at all hard to appreciate, nor does it allow us to be totally unfair with anyone, it is the most beautiful thing that has come with all the unintended clumsiness, which is worth enjoying. For people who think that is it really hard to appreciate life, watch for those who crave to be where you are and who think we are lucky enough to be here, you will get enough motivation by just putting yourself in someone's else's shoes, the one who has been through a whole process of demoralization and unfortunate, the one who was once grounded for being what he is, but what can rise him up is our motivation.

Life is mostly how we take it to be, it is an inspiration itself, it doesn't come up with a manual or guidebook that is why it is the most beautiful and manually controlled thing. We need to get inspired and motivated daily; it's a process not duty and considering someone worth appreciating is a sign of maturity. It is not at all hard to admire someone and give them the joy they deserve, as for people who think life is hard and horrible, show them how beautiful clumsy little thing it is.