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The Compelling Forces of Self

The Earth and all the animals and all the plants just seemingly know what to do and when to do it.

But people and the energy that they are capable of sharing, is not that simple.

Children are the closest to truth that there is. They grow and learn and become all that they can. Then the acceptance and truth of where they come from happens quite easily as well.

Unless there is a negative force in a child's life, most children grow and decide what they like most in life. Then they work to get there and all that.

But, once a negative force enters the positive atmosphere of any person, all seems to become chaotic.

Some people blatantly ignore the negative energy of others.

Some people accept and join forces with other negative energy of others.

Some people are the negative energy that purposely invades the positivity of life.

Some people can't accept the facts of reality. They constantly try to test and change any reality that they possibly can.

To most people the insensitivity of a negative person might warrant consideration or concern.

But all and all most people remain true to themselves and their own lives.

But, when some negative people succeed at causing more negative, than positive, action by the positive of all is required.

There cannot be a drain of negativity that is bigger than the positive.

Nature dictates the laws of Earth. When a negative person tries to dictate or control nature it usually isn't a pretty picture.

The positivity in yourself has got to be stronger than any negative attempting to alter that positiveness.

You can only be positive about yourself.

With that fact, to stop every negativity on Earth requires self searching, and a respect of all, first.

Choosing all that pleases and satisfies and makes yourself happy has to happen. Your loved ones probably agree with you on many instances.

Yet, should there be a separation of ideas shared, you yourself have to decide that an idea is just not learned and or cared for, or if that idea is straight out negative to yourself.

To solve any negativity that arises within oneself, reflection and self truth must prevail

Then through the laws of nature a negativity can be slowed and stopped.

Rising above any negativity in any situation is a true accomplishment of self.

Yet, all selves have to pay attention and respect the order of all.