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Does Acting Happy Make You Happier?

Researchers have recently found that the way we walk, the way we sit, and even how we interact with strangers can all influence our mood and perhaps even alleviate depression. In one of the most recent studies from Germany, "the researchers changed gait patterns of test persons (39 students) so that their gait was either more cheerful or more depressed than normally."

And what they found was that the way you move can determine happiness. Dr. Michalak, one of the authors of the study, states that the study "substantiates the assumption that the way we move affects the way we process positive or negative information."

Moving For Happiness

Essentially, if you walk in a happier manner (more swinging of arms, head up), you remember less negative words. If you walk more dejectedly, (hands held close, looking down, shuffling), then you are more likely to recall negative words, which is seen as an indicator for depression.

Genuinely feeling our bodies through movement can help us to keep from being stuck in our heads and shift us from a "stuck" emotional place. When you are living in your body and not your mind, you can experience a connection with a person or even a sunset very differently.

There are, of course, times when we are genuinely tired and need rest, and in those cases, we can allow our bodies to do so. Yet there are other times when movement may really help to energize or shift a depression or depressed mood.

This difference - being in the body versus the head - means that we are no longer thinking, questioning, or analyzing every minute. For instance, notice how you feel while you are dancing, for example, versus when you are sitting and thinking. Having that break from our thoughts gives us the chance to see that we are more than our thoughts. That alone can help to free us from a cycle of depression or depressed moods.

Shaking, especially, is a great way for people to relieve:

• Tension.

• Anger.

• Frustration, or...

• Anxiety.

Or simply to help us to feel better.

Shaking is one of my favorite ways of shifting things for me, whether it be emotional or physical.

Dogs are wonderful role models to demonstrate this. Have you ever noticed how when a dog gets up they tend to stretch and then to give themselves a shake?

The human mind is a Universe all of its own, and just as complex, maybe even more so than the cosmos. That's why who you choose to talk to on issues that matter to you, can make all the difference.

One other way to find ways to be happy is to talk to a trusted psychotherapist about how you're feeling. Like me, they might recommend movement or a brisk walk as an antidote. A good therapist will also walk you through your thoughts and feelings allowing you to see the underlying concerns and issues that detract from a rich and full life.

My wish for you is that you move into your joy.

Message From the Universe: Happier Than Life

"This just in... no matter how happy you have ever been, even at your happiest, it won't come close to how happy you will one day be.

Trust me, I'm there now - 
The Universe"

Everything in your life should progress from this day to the next. You should always look to make changes to better yourself and experience what life has to offer. Gratitude is a must and appreciating the things you have today is crucial to experience better things. Never take anything for granted because it may not last. Be happy for what you have today and whatever comes tomorrow, either it being more or less, should be dealt accordingly. We all wish to have more of everything we already have and should look for ways to reach that goal. However, the primary goal is to live for what you have today and not in anticipation of what you can possibly have tomorrow. Nothing is for sure in life, as we all have experienced this, and what everyone should focus the most on is health and loved ones.

Be grateful for being able to wake up every morning, for walking and talking, for enjoying the weather outside, for spending time with your family and doing activities with them. Be grateful for the good things and not focus on the bad things. We all face struggles on a daily basis and it all depends on you on how you will face and deal with these struggles. Will you let them take over your life or will you fight hard? You are in control of your own destiny, and your attitude is what will allow you to move forward and be a winner. Show life what you are made of and always give it your all. We only remember the things we had when we lose the things we have and this is we learn to appreciate the things we no longer possess. You can one day have it all and lose it all the next day. Nothing is permanent, except death and taxes.

5 Mental Habits That Will Increase Your Happiness

In the last 20 years, science has learned a lot about the links between spirituality and happiness. Studies on spirituality, specifically on certain spiritual or mental qualities like altruism, generosity, faith, hope and gratitude, have shown repeatedly that they increase our level of physical and mental well-being.

Spiritual practices that incorporate these positive mental qualities and habits increase our happiness while practices that incorporate negative mental qualities and habits such as fear, hate and suspicion lead to the opposite effect.

These findings provide the scientific basis for good spiritual practices throughout the world. All major religions advocate these healthy spiritual practices. On the other hand, deviant religious practices advocate the negative mental habits and qualities, and it is in this way that we can recognize them as deviant.

Here are five positive mental habits that will increase your happiness when you put them into your daily practice.

  1. Savor the present moment

The ability to savor the present moment, such as savoring the food you are eating or the moment you are sharing with your child, requires a certain degree of mindfulness of the moment. This habit of savoring the present moment leads to a sense of awe and connection, a feeling of joy and contentment -- all positive emotions that increase happiness.

2. Be thankful for the good things you get

Gratitude is an attitude that rewards you repeatedly. Those who have the habit of being grateful for what they have and what they got tend to find more joy and contentment towards life. Being grateful also makes one feel at ease - a sense of being at peace with the world. A mind of gratitude is open, expansive and relaxed. All these increase the level of happiness experienced.

3. Aspire towards a meaningful goal

Having a sense of purpose in life leads to hope, happiness and a sense of optimism, so set yourself a worthy goal. The goal need not be huge or materialistic. It can very often be immaterial, such as being of service to others, being a good role model for your children, or simply spending quality time with your family. You can start off with a small achievable goal. Once you have attained this goal, you can gradually increase the challenge and aim for bigger goals. Know that if you can do a small task well, you can also do a big task well. All it takes is planning and persistence.

4. Give generously

Give or share generously with others. Regardless of how rich or poor you are, you can always give or share things, skills or services. There are many things you can give that will not cost you a lot, such as giving your time to listen attentively to a friend in need, to console a grieving person or to encourage a disheartened friend. Genuine giving such as these again leads to a mind that is open, expansive and relaxed. It leads to a sense of having, not lack. It leads to a sense of purpose and self worth.

5. Empathize

Empathy means being able to put yourself in the other person's shoes. A person who can empathize well finds it easy to understand the sufferings of others. They are also more willing to listen and help. Empathy has been found to be an important aspect of emotional intelligence. It helps us greatly in our interaction with others.
Science has shown us that people who consistently practice any one or more of the above positive mental habits daily are happier people. Science has also shown us that these skills can be learned. So start learning and putting them into practice in your daily life today and increase your level of happiness.

How Life Can Have Meaning

Life has meaning when you create beauty. It does not matter what that beauty is. It could be art, music, or a beautiful garden, as long as everyone who it touches finds joy in it.

If you find there is no meaning to your life or life in general, perhaps you are thinking of meaning being something significant and world changing. That is not possible for everyone to achieve.

However, to make something of beauty is possible for everyone, because of the vast possibilities of expressing beauty.

Japanese gardens are beautiful. They are tended to with great love and attention, perfectly maintained, even in the middle of nowhere, the person tending their garden is satisfied with the beauty they are creating.

If you are not talented in any way, or do not have the time or money to do anything in an artistic or material form, there is another way that you, like any human being, can bring beauty to the world.

Smile with a pure and selfless heart.

I live with a daily goal; 'everyday, make someone smile.'

A happy person is a thing of great beauty. A pure, kind, gentle person is thing of rare and great beauty which is reflected in the smiles you bring out of other people.

Find as many ways as possible, making this your primary goal in your daily life, to be creating something of beauty all the time. It may be a work of art that takes time to complete which you work at every day, or it may be that every day you make as many people as possible smile.

Try making this your point and purpose of living, of course while still attending to your obligations, but have this as your hobby, your life purpose, to find a way to bring beauty to this world.

For some people this may be as simple as changing their personality from a grump to a less negative person. Polish your heart and mind, make them reflect the light of happiness and beauty to the world.

Everyone can find some way to create something of beauty every day, there is no excuse. Find your way, not someone else's. And in finding your way to bring a little beauty to the world every day, you may find meaning and purpose, or at least a little more happiness in your life.

Normal everyday joy and happiness comes from the small momentary things that keep you smiling all day long, so find ways to make others smile, and you will be smiling also.

8 Things Happy People Do, But Rarely Talk About


Most of us like to think we are fairly happy people if we have nice clothes to wear and a costly vehicle to commute with the family. However, deep down, we might not necessarily be feeling happy about that. When we have an element of repetition in our lives, it is easy to feel depressed about the life that we lead. So what are the secrets of the happy people? What are they doing to get the most out of life while the rest of us watch it pass by? Let us see 8 things that people who are happy in life do and don't keep talking about.

  1. Learn to Share: There is a famous adage which states that happiness comes from giving things to others, not from getting things from others. When they live in plenty, they give what they have to others so that they get happiness in sharing.
  2. Avoid Drama: Happy persons focus on things at hand and try to do things that they need to do. Others get caught up among distractions trying to find out who said what to whom. In the end, they forget what they need to do to safeguard their lives.
  3. Contentment: They take note of what they have and become satisfied with that. This ensures that they are happy and peaceful in their lives. This state of mind helps them to concentrate on what they can do to improve their lives.
  4. Remain Optimistic: When things go awry, happy people remain unshaken. They take positive things that have come in their lives and march forward. They are optimistic about the future.
  5. Value Relationships: Happy persons concentrate more on developing relationships with others, instead of going after money and advancing their careers. This way they stay cool and contented. The relationships come handy when there is a need.
  6. Self Assessment: The secret of being happy lies in accepting where we are in our lives and making most out of our current strength.
  7. Focus on Experience: These people give more value to the experiences they have gained in their lives. New clothes are great, but it is hard to get as much enjoyment out of a sweater as you get out of scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef.
  8. Follow Passion: They remain passionate in their lives and learn to live without any fear of failing. They look for chance in each and everything that comes in their lives to gain more experience.,-But-Rarely-Talk-About&id=9491297

9 Relaxing Methods That Will Assist You In Finding Inner Peace

Discovering inner peace in the modern world is a significant obstacle. Everything about modern society feels like a challenge to experiencing peace of mind. However there are ways to discover and keep inner peace. Inner peace is a choice, and a number of your routines identify how much peace you experience in your day-to-day life.

Experience inner peace and take pleasure in life on a deeper, more rewarding level:

1. Focus your interest on those things you can manage. Why worry about those things you can't manage? It sours your mood and makes you less capable. Literally ask yourself, "Is this something I can manage or control? Will worrying be advantageous in any way?"

2. Hang out in nature. The original humans didn't live in a 3-bedroom/2 bath home and eat microwave popcorn. Take a long walk in the park or invest a weekend camping. You'll feel considerably different compared to sitting indoors all day. There's something tranquil about hanging out among the birds and the trees.

3. Be true to yourself. Very few things are more disturbing than living a life you weren't meant to live. It continually chomps away at you. Live a life that's congruent with your values.

It's too simple to permit society to dictate your choices. You don't need to invest your life on a career just to impress others. You don't have to chase after an expensive house. Make your very own choices about exactly what's essential to you.

4. Eat nutritious foods. You might not realize how bad you feel since you're so used to it. Try eating the way you know you should for just a week. Note the significant change in how you feel.

Now try consuming some fast food and see what happens to your mood and your general sense of well-being. You'll feel as if you've been run over by truck.

5. Exercise frequently. Have you ever discovered how terrific you feel as you're leaving the gym after a workout? Exercise feels good, and you feel great about yourself for doing it.

6. Do something good for someone else. This is a fantastic method to take your focus off of yourself. You end up being more aware that others are struggling too. When you are kind, you receive kindness and compassion in return. You'll also feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when you help another person.

7. Be assertive. Be open and forward with your wants and desires. You're not only more likely to obtain exactly what you want, but you'll also feel more in control of your life. Being passive leads to having less control, which runs counter to inner peace. Be bold without being aggressive.

8. Meditate. Meditation is relaxing. It likewise assists you in seeing life and its challenges more accurately. Things are often better than they appear. Meditation can prevent your mind from making a circumstance appear even worse than it actually is.

9. Avoid trying to change others. You'll have as much success trying to change the weather. It's difficult enough to change yourself. How will you ever handle changing someone else?

It's important to care for yourself psychologically and physically. Eat properly, exercise, and be true to yourself. Be assertive and take control of your life. All the accomplishments in the world cannot replace inner peace. Prevent chasing after those things that society has identified to be crucial. Decide on your own and live the life you were meant to live.

Finding Happiness In Contentment With What You Already Have

Are you thinking of pursuing happiness by buying more material possessions? Or, are you working day and night to make your both ends meet and therefore, be happy? You know what you do not have to pursue happiness in these ways. You can just be happy by being contented with what you already have. This article shows you how. Read on to find out.

Here are a few tips:

1) So you have saved some money and invested in some business. Let the system work itself by making money out of money. You only have to make sure the business is genuine and established. Do not worry too much and relaxedly collect the interests and keep a little for you and invest the rest again.

2) Do something that interests you. It is something you love doing and put your all into it, gaining happiness. At first they can just be hobbies for instance, playing a guitar or writing non-fiction books. You are doing them for free for the time being. But after you have had true satisfaction from them, the money will keep rolling in provided you monetize your hobbies. For instance, you can play the guitar at a concert and start some income or you can sell your non-fiction book on Amazon and earn good enough. After a while, when there is good income from your hobbies, you can put full concentration on the work you love doing and gracefully quit your day job, getting a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

3) Go through family albums with your children and grand children. Lots of old time stories will emerge and you will have fun and enjoy your time. After all your guests have left, you can note down in a journal all the stories you shared. A few months down the line, when you feel dispirited, go through this day's events in your journal and your spirits will be uplifted and you will feel happy.

4) Put some lovely music and dance with your partner. The old romance would be back. Have a candlelit dinner to add to the romance. Talk softly and enjoy eating together. This is bound to make you rich happiness-wise.

5) If you are having a hard day, think positive despite all negativity of the surroundings. Nothing changes. Think a train of three positive thoughts despite the non-ideal situation. When you concentrate on your fourth positive thought in a row, there is a shift in your environment. This is because people around pick up your good vibes and they also mould to your positive thoughts. That thoughts become things is 100% true. In this case, with your positive chain of thoughts, you succeed in turning a challenge into a breakthrough, which in turn gives you true happiness.

As I have illustrated you don't need more money or more possessions to help yourself become happy. All that you possess already can add to your happiness every day. And this way you make space for more happiness to enter your life for which you do not have to work at all. It is tested and proved that the way I talk about in this article is bound to make you rich with happiness.