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We Must Tell Our Stories (By Pam Bauer)

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It was fifteen years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first reaction was shock. Worry quickly followed. How serious is it? What is the treatment? What is going to happen?

Frantic concerns were swirling in my head. While I was plenty aware of breast cancer, I had no previous experience of it. No one close to me had been diagnosed. I felt shaky on unfamiliar ground.

I went to work and made an effort to go on as if it were an ordinary day, but I couldn't concentrate. Finally, when I felt like I was going to cry at my desk, I confided in a trusted coworker about my mother. With the compassion and understanding that comes from having walked this path, she asked me questions about the tests and diagnosis and told me about her family's experience.

Then I spoke to my supervisor so I could plan for some time off, and she shared her family's experience with breast cancer. In fact, over and over again when I told others, they shared their stories of a loved one's experience with breast cancer. I had no idea there were so many people around me that had gone through this. It was like I had joined a club that I didn't know existed.

This became a silver lining around the cloud of cancer: I wasn't alone. I was supported. I had a community. And I was a lot less scared.

This is why we need to tell our stories.

Yet so often we go through our days with a shiny veneer of "I'm fine!" while hiding a sadness, grief or struggle that inevitably shows up in our lives. When everyone walks around presenting the image of having it all together while we are struggling, we feel lost and alone. And it's a big fat lie.

Social media doesn't help. Scrolling through your social media feed provides a continuous highlight reel of others' carefully curated, photogenic lives. All the best vacations, happiest family gatherings, and most awesomest meals ever. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little deflated.

On some college campuses this pretence has become ingrained in campus culture. At the University of Pennsylvania, students use the shorthand "Penn face" to describe acting happy and confident even when stressed and overwhelmed. At Duke, students feel pressured to be effortlessly perfect without visible effort. At Stanford, it's called Duck Syndrome because ducks appear to glide smoothly over water while paddling frantically below the surface.

The truth is that everyone's life has highs and lows. But the more we hide the lows and present a façade of constant highs, the more we cut ourselves off from the support that's all around us and the more difficult we make it for others to find comfort that they are not alone.

This doesn't mean that you need to bleed your heart with every person you meet. Brené Brown, who studies vulnerability and shame, says "Our stories are not meant for everyone. Hearing them is a privilege, and we should always ask ourselves this before we share: Who has earned the right to hear my story?"

You get to choose who has earned your story - someone you trust, someone who will understand, someone with whom you have a solid connection. The person you open up to may not be the same for every story, and you may become more comfortable sharing your stories over time.

Give yourself permission to take off the mask of "I'm fine!" and discover your community of support.

"Be careful about hiding yourself away, because walls that are meant to be fortresses can quickly turn into prisons. Be careful about trying to become invisible or you may accidentally disappear." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Take Care Of Your Mind + Take Care Of Your Heart

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The hosts of Reply All, a podcast about the internet and culture, received an email from a listener with the subject line "You broke my heart". That caught their attention, so they followed up with her. The listener wrote because something in the previous episode bothered her.

In that previous episode, the hosts were talking about a YouTube channel that had briefly become a meme on Twitter. They spoke to two MTV News writers who described the YouTube-r as having "a sizeable-ish following, 600,000 subscribers. Which... I've heard isn't that impressive."

When asked how many subscribers is impressive, the MTV writer responded, "Like two million."

That exchange, which lasted all of 20 seconds (out of 33 minutes), is what motivated the listener to write. But why? This snippet was hardly relevant to the episode's story and didn't seem like something that would cause distress.

It turns out that the listener has a YouTube channel of her own, with three friends. They've been making videos for a year in their spare time - she edits during her lunch break at work. They love making videos but it takes hours to produce a 5-minute video. They've been working hard at this, and felt good that their channel had grown to 600 subscribers. When they hit 500, they made a celebration video to mark the milestone.

And then, she listened to the podcast. She heard that 600,000 subscribers isn't impressive. And her channel is nowhere close to that. Heartbreak.

Why am I telling you this? Let's go back to her email: You broke my heart. YOU broke my heart. In other words, she felt bad and it was someone else's fault.

Oh really? Actually, no.

Here's the thing: she - not the podcast hosts, not the MTV News writers, not the YouTube-r - caused her pain. She broke her own heart the moment she heard that 600,000 subscribers isn't impressive and believed it meant something about her. Like, maybe she wasn't working hard enough, or good enough. Or maybe her work is insignificant, or she'll never figure out the secret to video success. Ouch.

And that illustrates what's really heartbreaking - how we cause our own suffering. It's our thoughts that create our feelings.

But there's good news here too, because it means we're in control of how we feel. Your feelings are not at the mercy of other people or events. You can change how you feel by choosing what you think. This is how you begin living deliberately, and it is powerful.

A colleague of mine says that our minds are like a toddler with a knife - dangerous when unsupervised. Start paying attention to what you're thinking and how it makes you feel. Similarly, notice how you feel (both good and bad), and trace it back to the thought caused it.

Discover the connection between your thoughts and feelings. This awareness, my friends, is freedom. It won't matter how you compare to others. Do they have more? Have less? You choose what it means. You choose how you respond. And your heart will be stronger for it.

Message From the Universe: Show No Fear

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"The very same magic that you used to get your first job, to find a best friend, and to heal what hurt, that even now finishes your sentences, beats your heart, and inspires your dreams, is the exact same "grade" of stuff that can make what you most want today come to pass.

Point being: You've already engaged it. You've already commanded it. You've already done the impossible... So what's the big deal about doing it again?

Oh go on... 
The Universe"

Let's take the example of Donald Trump to define what this quote tries to convey. The Trump man declared bankruptcy over 7 times in his very successful career but yet, got out of it as quickly as he filed. Of course, many might say that he had banks that backed him out many times over to avoid losses when investing on this guy. However, despite the many challenges, Trump knew how to get his wealth back because of following the same approach he used to and reaching his goals. Bad decisions happen to everyone but when believing in yourself comes into the equation, no matter what happens, you can still manage to get out of these difficult times and come out a winner. Nothing is impossible. The Universe listens by looking at your efforts and meets you halfway by making things happen for you. Never abandon your dreams thinking that no one is there to help because you wouldn't want to live your life with regrets. Focus on your goals and let the Universe work with you.

You will have many jealous people out there wanting to put stick on your wheels, believe me, I know, and I see it on a daily basis. These individuals have really nothing else to do with their time to bring havoc into your life just because they can. Do not let this deter you from your goals. Continue working hard on your venture and when facing with challenges caused by the jealous people, just work on creating a network of professionals who can help you deter the malicious work of the ones who want to inflict harm. I am sure it will put a damper on your spirit but you will need to do whatever you can to just push forward. You can't waste your energy on these people and when you ignore them and work on finding creative ways to grow your business, they will eventually feel like their vindictive ways aren't doing anything to hurt you. Remember that terrorism works ONLY when you show fear, and by living your life like nothing is happening shows their attempt in hurting you are in vain. Pursue your dreams and thanks to these jealous people who really have nothing else to do with their pathetic life, you will become more creative with your business acumen and grow bigger in success. Embrace these challenges and become a better person.

How To Be Motivated Despite Having No Money

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Oftentimes, people's goals in life are associated with money and status symbol. Although, there is nothing wrong with wanting them both but it might lead us astray if those are the sole reasons why we want to be successful in life.

When I'm struggling for motivation, feeling lethargic and generally struggling to achieve anything of significance I reflect back on a diary I've kept off the goals and dreams I hope to achieve.

Do something you enjoy, and then experiment with learning to do it better. Eventually, you realize you solved your problem. When you're not doing anything, you become stagnant. Stop thinking, start doing. Even something stereotypically non-productive, like hiking and biking, can motivate you. It might lead to falling off but enjoy it.

Eventually, you are motivated enough that you want to reach for your dreams. Maybe you get frustrated because you don't have marketable skills, so you start teaching, or suddenly, you're motivated to go back to school to learn to account. Whatever. The point is to do something. Anything will do because working hard makes you strong.

Discover your own unique way of giving to other people.Your potential for material success is limited. After you earn your millions or billions, get mentioned to Time's most influential list, and grace the covers of magazines, your drive to earn more money, earn more power, and accumulate more fame may start to fade. Money-motivation is limited. Purpose-motivation, on the other hand, is infinite. It never runs out.

People thank you for your work.If people have been thanking you for changing their lives in some way, it proves that your work has been substantially good and that you're successful in your area of work. You lose track of time while working. Although they get hefty paychecks at the end of every month, they never seem to be happy with their work. This is a true success.

You know what you're doing. Most people do, and there's nothing to be shameful about this. You're probably aimless at work. You work with people who you like. It takes a long time for coming to this simple conclusion. You take risks. You believe in making a difference. Success is realization of this true inner worth.

The second reason is legacy. Find success by giving. You pissed someone off because you believed in something. Because you have a (well-informed) opinion that others may disagree with. Successful people don't seek to maintain the status quo. You do things that excite you. The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is boredom.

Successful people collect memories, not dollar bills by living your own standards. Not the standards of society. Not the standards of your friends or family members. If your dream is to be a writer then write. Define what success means to you and do whatever it takes to make it happen because life is how you make it.

Success happens when you stop living your life to please everyone around you. Success happens when you quit thinking preconceived notions you were taught growing up. Quit being "realistic." and start living.

3 Tips for Going Off Autopilot & Taking Back Control of Your Life

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Today I want to share some ideas for going off of autopilot and instead living your life on purpose. There are definitely times when doing things automatically is beneficial, but if you live in this 'auto-space' all the time, you allow life to happen to you rather than living your life the way you want.

Here are three ideas that you can use to live your life on purpose and by doing so, raise your vibrational energy, attract more positive things to you, get more done and feel much more vibrant, powerful and fulfilled.

Tip #1: Move out of the shadow and into the light. What makes you tick, what are you passionate about, where are you holding back? Tune in to who you really are and let her shine!

This is a huge topic that many books have been written on so let's just focus in on one little point... what are you doing to hold yourself back?

Most of us have been trained to hide a little bit (or a lot) of who we are. Maybe you've been told you laugh too loud or you're too quick to trust other people. Maybe it's been suggested you daydream too much and need to spend more time focusing on getting things done. Labels like; you're lazy, scattered, impulsive, lack self-control... all influence who you are and what you believe about yourself (even positive labels can hold you back!).

You also could be in a job you don't really like, but are there because someone else felt that's the career you should have. It's possible you feel afraid to course correct at this point in your life because you took schooling to get where you are or you've worked so hard to climb the ladder and to change now would seem like such a waste. Or maybe you're afraid if you stop you'll be seen as a quitter or people will think you're not smart enough, strong enough or committed enough to see things through.

Becoming aware of the areas of your life that are within your control and then using this awareness to help you make positive changes in your life is called conscious living. Noticing where you feel stagnant, uninspired or held back and then thinking about what you might do to make things just a little better can be a really great starting place for living this kind of life.

Doing things to please other people, pushing aside your real dreams and desires because you think (or have been told) they are too fanciful, is stopping you from reaching your full potential.

So when you consciously detect something is amiss, don't disregard it or push it aside because it's inconvenient. Instead, notice it, journal about it, explore it fully and see what comes to light.

Commit to finding and revealing the real you - I guarantee you she is wonderful and worth exploring.
Tip #2: Open yourself up to receive - gifts, compliments, love, healing, a helping hand...

This sounds like such a simple thing to do, yet it is not. Most of us have been taught that to need something from someone else makes you weak, immodest or sets you up to owe them and we do not like to be indebted to others. This stops us from being a true team member and collaborating effectively with others, plus it robs us of the pleasure receiving can bring.

If you struggle with receiving you can end up blocking everything you've ever desired from coming your way. Receiving and the pleasure it brings are two key pieces to filling up your tank so it's very important you learn how open up to it.

A simple way to increase your awareness around how well you receive things is to tune in to what you do or say when someone tries to give you something - like a compliment or praise. Really notice your response (even if it's just in your head!).

For example, if you just ran a meeting and I came up to you after to say "I just want to say you did a really awesome job chairing that meeting." How might you respond?

Most people will have patterns or habits that deflect, correct, deny, reciprocate, minimize, reject or question the compliment without even realizing they are doing it.

If you're honest with yourself, you'll likely find receiving a compliment can be quite a challenge. If so, here's what you might want to practice instead.

Feel the compliment, take it in, smile and respond with something like,

"Thank you, it feels great to hear you say that."

"Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"It did go well, didn't it? Thanks for confirming that for me."

Tip #3: Practice forgiving - every situation you encounter in life is meant to help you evolve as a soul. This can be a hard pill to swallow if you've been abused, abandoned, traumatized, tortured or experienced other things in life that feel very personal and hurtful. So I say this with much compassion and love... forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness allows you to take back the energy you are investing in being mad, hurt, ashamed, disgusted or revengeful and to instead surround yourself with the positive energy of compassion and understanding. You see, as long as you refuse to forgive someone - even yourself, you make it impossible for that relationship to evolve.

"Refusing to forgive someone else gives them space, rent free, in your head. Refusing to forgive yourself stops you from healing and ever truly loving yourself."
When you feel like you've been wronged or done something wrong... you carry that energy with you in your heart. As a result, you push yourself harder, are less trustful of your own guidance, you create impossible and inflexible standards for yourself AND you lower your vibrational energy.

"When you are able to forgive and learn to appreciate how that situation helped you become who you are today, everything changes."
The ability to forgive will help you plug a drain that is stopping you from fully owning your power. I know it feels like you are flexing your power muscles by refusing to forgive, but - as counterintuitive as it seems - the exact opposite is actually true.

By tuning into where you are disconnected from yourself and holding yourself back, you open the door to all kinds of beautiful discoveries. By opening yourself up to receive those good things, you increase your vibrancy, recharge your battery and become more abundant. By remembering to forgive both yourself and others when things don't go as you might have liked, you are benefiting from the lessons and plugging a drain that could otherwise put you back in your shadow.

The more you practice these three things the easier they will become and before you know it you're living your life in a vibrant and powerful way.

How to Focus on the Smaller Things to Find True Happiness

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True happiness is waking up to a bowl of delicious cereal in the morning that you've been looking forward to all day.

Likewise, happiness is sitting down on the couch and knowing you're about to watch the new episode of your favorite TV show.

It's also getting a backrub from your partner.

These are all examples of what many of us would consider 'little things' but that doesn't mean that they can't be absolutely instrumental in helping us to feel happier. These are 'creature comforts' and pleasant asides but they are super powerful in raising our mood and helping us to feel on top of the world.

So the question is, how do you get to the point where little things make you happier and how do you make sure you have a constant supply of such things to make you happy?

Finding the Little Things

The first thing to do is to find those little things and to make sure they keep coming. All of us have things that make us feel great and all of us have hobbies and activities that we enjoy.

The trick then is to identify how you can enjoy those things on a regular basis - whether it's a favorite food or whether it's your favorite music.

Next, you need to make plans to enjoy those things. A little 'pleasure delay' here can work wonders, so ideally you want to spend the whole day at work looking forward to that thing that you want to do in the evening. Don't constantly indulge but instead build up the moment in your mind and look forward to it happening.

Great Things to Do

The problem is that many of us don't know how to make the very most of our spare time. We spend all day watching useless TV we aren't really interested in instead and this is our 'down time'.

In fact though, there are countless great things you can be doing all the time and the vast majority of them are free.

You could download a free computer game for instance. You could try out a new program or film on Netflix. You could explore a local park. You could read that book you bought ages ago and forgot about. You could try cooking something weird and ambitious. You could try to plant your own bonsai tree...

There are a million different activities, so spend some time thinking about all the exciting things you could do at home and make a habit of writing more ideas down as they come to you. Indulge in your favorite food meanwhile and suddenly your life will be filled with amazing little moments.

The Curious Complexity of Creating Your Reality As Consciousness

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There is a curious complexity (and relative ease) of creating your reality as consciousness in this new field of awareness that we're all experiencing. It seems like the opposite is true for all the ways we've done it in the past. Even "immutable laws" aren't so immutable anymore.

On one level the polarity is obvious. In the physical realm, things take time to manifest. They require effort. They often require sacrifice, in that you have to give something up in order to have something new. Spiritual creating is effortless, can be miraculously instantaneous, and you have to release the dream in order for it to become a reality.

But to create from the realm of thought, which most people access when using the immutable Law of Attraction it seemed to require repetitive focus or attention. It seemed you had to "give it energy". It seemed you had to draw on your inner authority and command it into being.

What I'm noticing, as I give myself over to Consciousness, is what is required is letting go of control. Any of my old "spiritual" techniques that had any density at all, aren't working nowadays.

My old mystical training was that you had to be really specific about your manifestations, even down to when you wanted it (time limits). But I now know that the mind that comes up with specifications is responding to the current lack of what I want or the current problem I want to solve. That means there's always an element of the lack or problem in whatever results are created.

Giving myself over to Consciousness isn't quite the same as turning it over to God. God is a concept outside of myself, something more powerful and all knowing. My old mystical training was that I was Spirit and Spirit was a part of God, that I had inner divinity, but there is still so much separation in those beliefs.

I am Consciousness, and the me that is giving myself over is the personality aspect of my physical vehicle. As Consciousness I already know the big picture, and there are infinite possibilities to access, and all of them are in my favor, even the ones my personality would deem as not favorable.

The feeling of the little me giving over to the bigger C (Consciousness) is like one of those trust exercises except you're falling forwards into an expansion you could not have thought possible.

It's realizing that Consciousness is me and I already know what and where and how, beyond my analytical brain's ability to figure it out.

It's being so in the present moment that I have absolutely no idea what's coming up (something that would have driven me crazy in the past) and that's absolutely fine.

As Consciousness you've created this adventure in density and effort, and so any dilemma or issue you're facing is all part of the game.