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How The Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

In life, there are a lot of different things that can positively affect your life. You may not immediately think of certain things, but it's true. For instance, you're not going to find many people scoff at the notion of eating right and exercising. In fact, this is the premier thing that you can do for your body. It helps with weight loss, management, and can even stabilize mood. It's something that can absolutely pay off in a lot of different ways. The body can be mended and helped with exercise, but what about the mind? People may find that the mind is a difficult thing to really work on, especially when it comes to getting a handle of anxiety, and more. To elevate the mood, you may want to look at why and how the Law of Attraction can help.

The Problem With Negativity

The first thing that you are going to find to be true is that millions of people are negative. Just turn on a television and you will be hit with a lot of news and updates that are absolutely problematic. There's nothing good that can come from manifesting this into your life. Millions of people are dwelling on the wrong things, and they are starting to see themselves get sick as a result. If you don't cast aside the elements that are anything but positive, you will start to slowly weigh yourself down. When you're dwelling on things that are outside of your control, you will no longer have positivity in your life, and that can be problematic. The law focuses on removing these issues and building up your self-esteem, confidence and more.

An Outward Change

One of the premier things that the Law of Attraction does is it makes you a bit more jovial. When you go into work, when you talk to others, and when you are just living your life, you're going to exhibit a great deal of outward happiness. This beautiful update will allow you to become more popular, and people gravitate towards that. You'll be surprised by how much a smile can change the way that people see you. Imagine walking into your work smiling, laughing, and enjoying the day. That's the kind of positivity that is infectious, and it's part of the notion of attraction overall.

The Big Question

The biggest question that you will no doubt ask is simple, does this work for everyone? The short answer is absolutely, yes. However, it doesn't happen overnight. If you're going to make a lifestyle change, you need to work on it slowly so that you can see a great amount of momentum come your way. If you expect changes to occur permanently, over 24 hours, you will not get moving forward. However, if you take your time, and you work through the positive elements that are necessary, you will end up in a whole new world of positivity. Test this out a bit and see why so many are seeking out attraction instead of dwelling on the negative elements that can manifest in life.

Manifestation Secrets

The power of the universe lies in your own mind

Manifestation might seem easy and natural for some but hard for many. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Baby Luck"? Yes, when you were young you may find yourself a lot luckier than you are now as an adult. It was like the universe responded more to you at a younger age than to your current age. The older we grow, the tougher life seems to be. That is natural as we have unknowingly developed negativities and ego along the way in every life experience. Those negative thoughts and ego you built up have blocked you from getting what you want. It gives you doubt in everything you plan to do, clouds your mind, and finally weakens your spirit.

Fear & Disbelief

Even for the people who seem most confident when talking or acting may hide their self-doubt, disbelief, and fear deep in their minds. Those feelings obstruct them from achieving their goals and be the best version of themselves. They become more worried about how they would feel if they fail instead of focusing on achieving their goals. And the universe responds to that fear and manifest it accordingly.

Ego & Arrogance

On the other hand, being arrogant and possess too big an ego would not help with successful manifestation either. People with big ego see nothing more than themselves. They miss all the needed details required for a successful manifestation. Manifesting what you desire requires sensory details. You need to visualize it, feel it, hear it. The clearer the image of what you desire, the faster it would manifest itself to you.

Insight meditation to increase awareness

Practicing your awareness can help you realize negativities before letting it consume you. We may find we screw things up for ourselves just because we let temper take the better of us. When angry, we can not think clearly and tend to say things we would regret later. Even when we don't say anything, negativities arising in our mind emit negative energy to the universe. That energy will attract the same back to us. That explains why we mostly have an unpleasant day when we start our day in a bad mood. Insight meditation helps us aware of any feeling that comes to mind. We can observe it without judging or labelling. No like or dislike. When we put no fuel, no emotion to it, we will see a strong feeling finally die down or dissolve itself after a while. That would leave your mind with the positive thought or at least the neutral feeling.

Stay positive!

All it takes for you to get what you want out of life is to learn to communicate with the universe, with your inner self, with you subconscious mind. Always stay pleasant and you will emit positive vibe around you that would send a signal to the universe and attract more good things into your life, like a magnet. You need to be crystal clear about what you want, able to visualize it, feel it, and commit to it to let the universe know that is what you want. You then vibrate the right energy to the universe, and the law of attraction will work the magic for you.

Message From the Universe: Do the Best With What You Have

"The reason trees are so good at time management is because they do one thing at a time to the very best of their ability.

Well, they do -
The Universe"

We are all masters of our own trade, either be doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentist, and so on and so forth. We focus our best to learn more about what we don't know to become better professionals. You will see a physician finishing his shift at the ER to catch a bus and attend to his brick laying job right? You wouldn't want that doctor treating you in case of emergency at any point in time? Practice makes perfect, and that applies with everything in life. Learn to be the best you can be, with everything you put your mind to. If you love music, just go and practice as much as you can until you become an expert at it and hopefully be a part of a band and tour the world.

Apply yourself in your career, your relationships, your family, friends, and everything else that requires your time and energy. Nothing in life will come easy, well, at least, the things are are worth it. Learn to be patient, and always be grateful of the outcome. Things may not always render the expected results but as long as you have given all you got to get to where you want to be, there is no reason to have any regrets. Love life as much as you can and appreciate the things that comes with it. Life is to short so make sure you enjoy every moments you have with yourself, your loved ones and everyone else you want to share it with. Be generous and spread the joy.

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, Or Does It?

There are many lies in the world that are meant to keep you limited and destroy your ambition. One of the big ones is; 'money doesn't buy happiness.' The way this article turned out, I would like to ask you, if you do not like what you are reading, just read the last three paragraphs, and then you may see that this is not what it appears.

This is meant to make you feel that money is not worth striving for because money will not make you happy. But the whole truth, although that first sentence is true, the whole truth is that money does alleviate about 99.9% of your problems.

If you list all the problems you have in your life, and in the lives of almost everyone alive, try to find anything that having enough money would not fix.

If you eliminate your problems, you will be happier because happiness is a natural state, and problems disturb the natural state as wind disturbs a still lake. By eliminating the problems in your life, the natural state will return, which is peace and happiness.

Therefore, money does buy happiness by virtue of it buying the solution to your problems.

I know, many people are saying how rich people are still unhappy, or that you have some problems money cannot solve.

My response is that you just have not thought hard enough and with an open enough mind to see how money can solve just about anything. Rich people still suffer for a similar reason poor people suffer, because they create so many other problems for themselves, wanting more and more, never having enough. Wanting more does not change regardless of how much you have.

This is quite interesting because it shows how humans love to suffer. If you get one problem fixed, you find something else to worry about. For example, if you are in perfect health, you buy insurance and live in a country with good medical care just in case you get sick even if you can move somewhere you like better.

I am talking about someone smart enough to have enough money to solve their problems and wise enough to be satisfied with what they have.

If your problem is you are single and lonely, money can make you more physically attractive with a new wardrobe or other material ways. It allows you the freedom not to have to work so you can spend time taking care of your nutrition and exercise to be in better shape and more attractive. It allows you to travel and join events to meet more interesting people, or devote yourself to a charity where you can meet other people who are also more sincere than materialists in business.

But most importantly, it makes you feel free and confident so your whole energy and aura is more attractive rather than someone who is miserable because they have to slave at a job to pay the bills.

If everyone thought this way, we would all be striving much harder to achieve success and take that seriously, take our life seriously, so we could get that freedom. Thus we would not be able to be controlled and do the menial tasks that need to be done in this world, and that would be a problem for everyone.

'Money can't buy happiness' is a very common saying that shows us how there is so much subtle manipulation in so many thoughts and beliefs in our world which control us. This, as I often say, happens through our religious and cultural beliefs, concepts which are long outdated and created for our manipulation rather than our benefit. Which is of course another lie, telling you that it is for your own good.

Be humble, the meek shall inherit the earth, it's easier to pass a rope through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven, on and on it goes. Be poor, be simple, and just do your menial job and collect the rubbish, sweep the floors, be a servant to the rich.

Imagine a world in which no one would work in garbage collection? That one simple job is the most vital task for our cities being able to function and not become a stinking, dirty, disease breeding ground. Who would serve the clients in the restaurant, or wash the dishes?

I have chosen this one saying as the example, but please do consider everything, every saying that is so called, in your best interest. Basically I am telling you to doubt and examine objectively every single thing your parents, society and especially religions have taught. Especially the ones that they say are for your own good because they love you so much.

You must examine every single opinion and belief you have in such a thorough manner that you find the truth about it instead of leaving it as a half truth and not seeing the other half which is the lie. Only this way can you find true freedom.

The end result is that you will discover the whole truth, which does not mean you will find everything to be a lie, although you may, but you will find the second half of the saying, and then the puzzle becomes complete, and that puzzle is actually a road map to freedom, success, happiness, love, spirituality and, emotional freedom.

"Money can't buy happiness, but it certainly can alleviate almost every problem you have."

That is the whole truth, and with that in mind, may your life take a turn for the better with both your eyes open, and bring a fire of hope of a bright and happy future to every moment of your life.,-Or-Does-It?&id=9543043

The Peaceful Path to Abundance

Shall we discover our purpose and share our talents with the world? Shall we find joy? Know love? And be rewarded with all the fruits that come from our efforts?

It is a richness of abundance that is not for the precious few, but the birthright for all who dare to claim it. And it's closer than we think. All we need to do is welcome this abundance into our lives. And it begins with peace.

Fortunately, peace lives within each of us. It is a tiny seed ready to sprout for those willing to recognize that we are each 100% responsible for the realities we create, and that no matter what happens in our surrounding world, we should always begin each day with the simple truth that "peace begins with me."

We call this the peaceful path to abundance. And it's waiting for you.

It is a perfect path where we can all love what we do, and do what brings us joy and meaning. And on this perfect path, life is easy because we're using our unique talents and following our individual truths. It is a path where we can attract all the money and resources we need, but without hurting or taking advantage of others. Instead, we shall choose love and acceptance, both for others and ourselves. It is a boundless road where we have the freedom to think and perceive in different ways-and to create the life we imagine.

We must simply turn on the light and let go and let God, instead of reacting, engaging and repeating the destructive memories and patterns that lead to spiritual bankruptcy.

Turning on the light is what we do when we practice the Ho'oponopono "cleaning." Ho'oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving. Applying very easy and effective tools, we can all let go and allow Love (God) to erase those unwanted memories-the beliefs, opinions, and judgments that keep us from an abundant life. As this clear inspiration flows into our lives, we are gifted with the right ideas and perfect solutions to create the abundance we desire. The beautiful thing is, this works for everyone. What's more, whatever gets erased from us will get erased from our families, relatives, and ancestors.

After all, the Peaceful Path to Abundance is meant for everybody.

Join us as we each work toward our own personal transformation, as we each plant the seeds for more happiness, peace and abundance in our lives, so we can collectively create a happier and more peaceful world.

Let us each remember that Peace Begins With ME. Peace within is world Peace.

Do You Confuse Motion With Progress?

Why is it when you go to put stuff away the item never seems to end up, or stay, where it belongs? You definitely remember you had that item in your arms, piled high with other stuff, and yet, where-oh-where did it go?

The towels for the bathroom are nowhere near the shower when you step out. The linen cupboard crammed full of everything BUT towels. You shake your dripping wet head in amazement -- How did the pile of bills and magazines end up in there?

And, where did the fresh, new bottle of cleaning spray go? It's certainly not under the sink where it was supposed to be. Oh, but I did find the shampoo and nail polish I bought weeks ago and couldn't find.

You know how it goes -- you begin in one room, closet, or drawer, and before you know it, you've got the entire house in an uproar of clutter and piles. Nothing is where it is supposed to be, and every room you enter, you find more things that need to go elsewhere.

Like that junk drawer in the kitchen which has everything in it you didn't know what to do with so you stuffed it in there. Batteries, rubber bands, pencils, hair clips, light bulbs, nail clippers, toothpicks, scotch tape, tools, recipes, warranties, and the list goes on. A mind numbing jumble of unrelated stuff.

Then you realize, as you spin round and round that every room is much like the junk drawer -- a mind numbing jumble of unrelated stuff. And, nothing seems to be where it is supposed to be.

In fact, you don't have a clue, any longer, what things need to go where. Your mind races with the craziness of how hard you work to keep up with it -- and, the hours and hours you have already spent organizing, storing, tossing, or hiding it.

How did it get so out of control and unorganized so quickly? I'm pretty sure, you say to yourself, that I have been constantly putting things away or tossing them.

All that busyness and yet, so little to show for it.

Is it possible that you may have confused constant motion and busyness with true progress? Maybe you have made the same mistake many of us have, which is to assume that motion is equal to productive action.

It really is a common mistake and so easy to kid ourselves into believing we really are making progress.

How can you tell if you are? Ask yourself this one simple question -- And, be honest, this isn't a test -- Is my destination getting any closer?

You might have to redefine what being productive really is and what it means to you. And, in doing so, consider doing only those things that have more of an impact on your predetermined outcome.

Which assumes you have decided, planned, and are clear on your outcome. But, what if you aren't clear on that? Well, then, begin there. That would be your first productive action. To get crystal clear on what it is you want it to be or desire it to look like.

Beware... the minute you decide to focus and take productive action, you'll most likely trip upon and experience these five saboteurs. They will definitely throw you off track.

Saboteur #1. Sedatives. Those things that numb you out. I'm not talking about what might be your favorite drug of choice here, but all the other things that sedate. Activities like social media, television watching, talking on the telephone, playing games, or even reading a book. Notice which ones are your favorites and be alert when they crop up and steal your progress.

Saboteur #2. Bright Shiny Objects. Or, as my friend used to say, "Look, there's a chicken!" In other words, anything that distracts and catches your attention which seems far more enlightening than what you are currently working upon. An example of this, when it comes to tidying up, is seeking out and buying that perfect container to help you organize. You haven't even gotten clear on the outcome or begun to purge, and yet, off and running you go to the container store.

Saboteur #3. Dreamland. You spend hours and hours dreaming of what it will look like and never actually take productive action steps to get it. There hangs the vision board you created and yet, you are no closer to the vision upon it. Don't get me wrong, dreaming and planning (and a vision board) is a necessary and most critical first step. However, at some point you need to take an action step to achieve it.

Saboteur #4. Information Seeker. You are driven to seek and gather more and more information or inspiration before you even begin. And, the gathering never ends. You take yet another class or workshop, read another 'how-to' book, or watch another video, AND you never take a single step closer to the outcome you desired.

Saboteur #5. Resistance. Every step of the way you encounter opposition, defiance, and roadblocks. That could be frustration, fatigue, anger, or other dramatic events that stop you. Most likely it will be your mind shouting at you, "This is taking way too long. I'll never get it done. This is hopeless! This is way too hard."

No matter which saboteur shows up -- most likely all five at some point or another -- recognize it for what it is. Discomfort. Or, maybe even fear.

Unfortunately, there are no magic answers to keep away discomfort and fear. However, the best and most valuable guidance that I can give you to overcome the saboteurs, is what I was given to guide me. Two, simple ideas.

First -- Get comfortable with uncomfortable. Anything worthwhile in life is going to press your comfort zone. Take a deep breath, acknowledge it feels downright awful, and keep on going.

Second -- Do it afraid. When fear rears its ugly head, face it, deny it, and keep on diving in. Just like the boogeyman under the bed, seldom is it real.

And, in turn, as you chase away those saboteurs, you will experience how purposeful action is the best way to get rid of clutter and stay tidy.

How Is Where You Have Been Contributing To Where You Are Going?

Let me be clear at the outset - I'm not referring here to your last and next vacation.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Everyone knows what yesterday brought them. So, the real question of life is simply - how do we use what yesterday offered to help us get where life wants us to be tomorrow?

There are lots of ways to consider this topic - relationships, careers, businesses, health issues, financial concerns etc. I don't have the time or ability to talk about each of these in a meaningful way so let me stick with a few general concepts.

-Does the past pre-determine our future? 
-Can we change course after many years of charting the same direction? 
-Should we even consider a new course direction later in life? 
-What are the challenges if we do decide it's time for a new direction? 
-What are the benefits and finally what are the consequences?

Does the past pre-determine our future?

I don't care if you are in your twenties or eighties - previous actions, thoughts, decisions, outcomes, beliefs, prejudices etc. all contribute to tomorrow, next week, next year and the next decade. There is no way to prevent this. I could go into all the psychological and spiritual reasons for this but suffice it to say - history repeats itself unless we make dramatic changes to our thought patterns, mindsets and willingness to learn and change behaviors, decision process, habits, expectations and self-accountability.

There are three areas where the past dictates - often even control our future; 
The need for approval or validation from others.

Low self-esteem.

An out of control ego.

Got any of the three? I know during my life I have often struggled with repetitive life, career, business etc. mistakes and for the life of me couldn't figure out why. Wrong!!

I really wasn't ready to face up to my weaknesses for a variety of reasons. So, you ask, what gives you the right to write this article? Great question. Want an answer - nothing, but I'm writing it anyway because with time and effort I am figuring this stuff out.

The future is a blank slate but it also has embedded in it some rules, rituals, beliefs, desires and fears. When any of these dominate our behavior or actions we will tend to continue them but I'm sure you've heard that old phrase - "To continue doing the same stuff and expecting different outcomes is a sign of insanity".

Does that mean those of us who make repetitive bad decisions or choices - are insane - well - maybe not worthy of an being in an institution but we sure could use some human training.

So - to answer the question for this subtopic - it's yes and no and it depends. Helpful? Probably not - so keep reading, hopefully by the end of the article you will have figured all you need to in order to - change or stay the same or just chill out and not care.

Can we change course after many years of charting the same direction?

Life is a lot like sailing. Years ago, I spent a lot of time in my sailboat "Rainbows End" and it (she) taught me a great deal about the past, present and future.

1) As long as the rudder (your brain) is working you can change course at any time.

2) As long as you have a wheel to turn (a willingness to learn, grow and or change) you can change course.

3) As long as the sails are up (you have desire) you can change course.

4) As long as there is wind (action/movement) you can change course.

5) As long as you have a compass or GPS or Map (life direction) you can change course.

It doesn't matter how old or young you are. Your gender is not an issue. Your race, education or upbringing are not factors. None of these matter UNLESS you let them in some way manipulate you and/or your future.

Let me close this subtopic with two favorite quotes from some mentors during my life. "Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans." "We are here for a little while then we are somewhere else forever. So, decide how you want to spend them both and how they relate to each other before it's too late."

Should we even consider a new course direction later in life?

How does one decide if it's time for a new life direction? And if so, what should that be? What do I need to do? Where can I turn? Who or what can help or guide me? What if the new direction ends badly? Questions and more questions. Trust me - I've spent a great deal of time with these and many more but what are the answers to the most critical or demanding ones?

Is it time for a new direction? Feeling some inner stress, anxiety or emotions pulling at your heart, stomach or mind? Your inner voice screaming at you: "do something."

Your spiritual inner guide or your Spirit tugging at your life trying to get your attention? Believe me - there are always signs that it's time for a change and usually they are masked in pain, struggle, uncertainty, regret, challenges even failure. The key is to pay attention and listen. I know - your pain doesn't speak English but trust me if you will listen to your inner cravings, fears, dreams, emotions and yes, your pain - it will guide you without using language but the real question is - do you follow your instinct and heart or do you pay more attention to your brain? Here/s the key - follow your heart in all matters and then let your mind get in step.

We will tend to only change when the pain becomes unbearable or the emotional rationales no longer make sense. If we wait too long however, the consequences could be devastating.

What are the challenges if we do decide it's time for a new direction?

Just because you change or start moving in another direction is no guarantee that things will improve or change quickly or easily or even at all.

Any change requires faith, patience, trust, courage, planning, action and resolve and without any one of these we can get derailed in a heartbeat. There are hundreds if not thousands of books on these topics so let me just address three of the common challenges.

Resistance - We tend to resist that which we are either uncomfortable with or have little knowledge or information about. To better manage resistance requires more accurate information, truth and facts about something or anything. The problem is with change is - that we may have these about the past but there is no way to have them accurately about the future which is why so many people fail to change.

Impatience - The number one contributor (not cause) of death is stress. The number one contributor to stress is impatience or the need for control. I don't care how smart you are, how wealthy you are or how old you are etc., you can never know everything or often anything about the future so the need to control it is essentially stupid, a waste of time or any other word you would like to use. This doesn't mean we shouldn't plan, have goals or dream but it does mean that we shouldn't get too attached to these.

Fear - Fear, what can I say - the single biggest issue that gets in the way of any and or all change. Want to stay stuck - keep letting fear rule your life.

What are the benefits and finally what are the consequences?

I'm going to let you do some of the work here. I don't pretend to have all the answers nor do I have the right to tell you how to live your life or why. So, it's your turn...