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The Story of My Kind Friend

My friend and I were about to board a bus home but as a rule, we were supposed to wait for all alighting from the bus to get off before we boarded. With an anxious look on almost all faces, people were patient to wait for their turn to alight or board the bus. We patiently waited as those who had reached their destination gave room for each other to alight. In the midst of the hustle, one particular man caught my attention and my friend's. He was elderly probably in his 70s, had a walking stick on his right hand, stooped posture directed to one side and involuntary movements. He obviously needed help in a lighting from the bus since he had reached his destination,but you know, lending a helping hand could be refused. Nevertheless, my friend extended her hand and reached for his. He held it and climbed down safely. He returned the gesture with a 'thank you' and a smile that warmed my heart. My friend smiled back to him and the moment that will forever be registered in my mind was over.

Then I pondered, how many people have I denied help just because I fear the rejection of hearing 'no', 'It's OK', 'never mind', 'I'm fine', 'I can handle this' and so many similar expressions. Well if I were to count, I'm sure it will be too numerous to put a definite number on it. Nevertheless, should that be an excuse to be less kind? I feel it should not. We all need a shoulder to lean on at some point in our lives.

So, the new normal is, show some love to others, honor them and show some kindness in any little way you can. It could be a smile, it could be a kind word, it could be meeting their most pressing need at that time, it could be as simple as a pat or a hug, it could be a listening ear, it could be a piece of advice, it could be carrying stuffs for them or running an errand. Yet it could be lending a helping hand just as my friend did. Be it small or be it large, just show someone some love, you don't know the last time they received some, show someone some kindness. Don't wait till tomorrow to help when you can actually be of help today. You don't know whose day you will make with just a little act of kindness.

Be intentional about it.

Simply put, be intentionally kind.