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Getting Closer To Achieving Your Dreams, Reaching Your Goals

The magic trick you've been waiting for, right here in this article, read on. Remember those goals and dreams that you had last year, and the year before? Remember that list that you had, some called it the 'bucket list' but you call it your 'adventure list'? Yes, those lists, that's what I'm talking about. Remember those? How far did you get on those lists? Have you tackled number one? Have you gone down the list checking off your hopes and dreams and wishes, one at a time? Have you accomplished what you set out to do, about your adventure list?

Okay, so what number did you get to, after you tackled number one on the list? Listening. I'm listening. What's that you say? Kidding? No joke?

You haven't 'been there, done that'? You haven't tackled anything on the list? You haven't accomplished even one thing? Stop! Stop right there, even before you begin. Because there's a trick you can use that will help you tackle that list quicker than you have in the past. And there's a trick you can use to accomplish all the tasks on your list, one item at a time, and you will finally be successful in making a dent in your adventure list before another decade passes you by.

First, you must admit to yourself, and remind yourself that you do have goals, wishes, hopes and dreams and you do, finally, want to tackle that list and pare it down to size. Once you admit that to yourself, you are on the road to success. So, what's the answer to the problem? What's the answer to the problem of "procrastination"?

Sitting? Ready? Seriously, are you ready? If so, then here goes. You just have to do three things, that's all, just three things. And those three things are the trick, the magic to make it happen in your life, before another decade passes.

But, in order for this to work, you must adhere to the three things and not leave out any step at all. You can't just do two of the things. You will not be successful if you do just one of those things. You need to do all three of those things... and keep on doing them and you will be on the road to success, the success of finally tackling your adventure list, the success of finally really accomplishing things on the list. You will be able to sit down, relax, and say to yourself after it all, "I did it! I finally did it! I completed the first thing on my adventure list! Now, to tackle item number two on the list.

Enough of the pep talk. Here's the list, the small, tiny list of three things you need to do in order for you to accomplish everything on your adventure list (or whatever the name of your list is).

Pray about it.
Remove one item from the list and place that item on a brand new piece of paper. Now, you have a list of "one", that's it, just one item.
Examine that one item and take one single step towards accomplishing your goal. (All of this is explained below).
First, the reasoning behind the success of this method. One of the biggest helps that you will find, in life, is prayer, the power of prayer in your life.

So first by praying about it, you are bringing in the most powerful Person in the world (God) to help solve your problem. And then the practical solutions of making the list shorter (so that it doesn't overwhelm you) does really help you get more done. You look at your list and see that you have only one thing to do. That alone relieves some stress. And when you have less stress, you can do more.

Now, how do you tackle even that one thing that is on your adventure list?

Don't tackle it! That's right. Instead of tackling that one thing on your list, break the one thing down into steps. One adventure could be broken down into five, ten or even thirty steps.

Once you break a task or a chore or an adventure into steps, it is easier to get started, and it's easier and quicker to get that accomplished.,-Reaching-Your-Goals&id=9386828