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How to Give Pieces of Your Life Away

As you climb up the ladder of success, make it a point to give pieces of your life away. How do you manage to do that? Read on to find out how I explain in depth.

First of all, how should you give pieces of your life away? Look for tips below:

1) Write fiction stories based on your life experiences and share them with the world. Each person on this planet has unique life experiences. Start by writing stuff that really speak to you and then you can proceed to make up more intricate plots.

2) Be kind and friendly to all the people around you. You don't know how the people around are struggling in their lives. Your little gesture of kindness and friendliness will brighten up their day, and they will remember your act of goodness for years to come.

3) Help the people in need. This can mean helping someone elderly cross the street, helping someone carrying their heavy bags of groceries, helping someone to climb on to a bus, or helping someone with a little cash, who is penniless. And the list goes on.

4) Donate to a charity or a cause you believe in. For instance, if you are making good income from your prestigious job, you should feel generous enough to donate. The charity can be to support orphanages or old homes. A cause that you believe in can be helping survivors of tsunami disasters, or road accidents, or natural calamities such as, violent tornadoes or massive floods.

5) Laugh, sing and dance. Do some merry-making. Not only you but also the people with you will enjoy the fun. They would like to do it again and again and you will always be invited to join the fun as they will know you are a fun-loving and fun-giving person.

6) Perform on stages either giving speeches or presentations in your field of expertise/interest. You become a better and an even better speaker and people would always love to listen to you.

So now comes the question why you need to give pieces of your life away. It is because you need to stand out for having lived at all. Your success is not measured by how much you have accomplished but how much you have helped people having accomplished yourself. Why? Almighty God/Divine Source/Higher Power likes to acknowledge it this way and when you do, they shower you with limitless blessings. How good is that? Wonderful, isn't it?