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Bring Ideas Into Reality

So you have an idea that you want to bring into this world? First know that it is fully possible to bring anything into this world by building a great idea one step at a time. The very first step that needs to take place is to write out the idea. Know what you want to accomplish. Here are some questions to answer to get you started.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~Napoleon Hill

What is the desire? This needs to be an exact answer. Do not generalize.

My desire is to collect 100 blankets for the homeless in the next two weeks.

What do you want to give so that this desire happens? Nothing can ever be gotten for free. There is always a price.

I am going to give my time and effort toward collecting blankets by posting on Facebook and calling friends and family.

When do you want to accomplish this goal? There has got to be a definitive date for you to finish your achievement that way you cannot back out. This is the date set so I have to absolutely achieve this.

This will be accomplished by 9/17/2016.

What is the plan of action that you are going to take? Without action there cannot be a set goal. These are the actions you will do on a daily basis to get to the success you want. There should be at least three action points. They can vary but you must have faith that the actions that came to your mind are the correct actions for you to get where you want to be.

I will post a Facebook message to let people know I am looking for blankets that will be given to the homeless for the Autumn/Winter months ahead.

I will make phone calls to friends and family.

I will knock door to door looking for more blankets if I have not reached my 100 goal after the phone calls.

This is a very simple and direct list you can use anytime you have an idea that you want to bring into reality. Each idea and each person will answer these differently because we all have a different story. By being unique and sticking to your own story there is nothing that will ever stop you from doing exactly what you are planning.

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out! ~Dr. Seuss

Now transmute this to any part of your life. This can be for businesses, personal, relationships and any other aspect of life that we have been given. I love using this formula when I am trying to achieve certain monetary goals and certain relationship goals for my kids and wife.

The final aspect of this is to have faith that it can be accomplished. Faith can come from any number of sources. Call it the Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence or whatever pleases you most. By believing fully there is a much better chance that you are going to finish what you set out to achieve.