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All Change Begins In The Mind

Let's talk about effecting change in the mind faster and with less stress. We've all heard the saying, "It's all in your mind." It's usually delivered in a manner that does not serve us well.

So, what if we just look at this in a more constructive way? What if we could understand that actually everything does begin in the mind?

The best way to demonstrate this is if you just take a moment. Now look around the room you're in. Just look around the room and look at everything in that room. Scan everything that you see in that room, even including yourself. Understand that all these things you see, didn't just appear by accident, they had to begin somewhere, did they not? Where did they begin? They first began in the unconscious mind, long before you were even aware of them. When those things became important enough, they were transferred into the conscious mind, which allowed you to develop your awareness of them.

Again when it became important enough, action was taken, whatever was necessary to allow them to manifest in the physical world. Knowing that, gives us great power to understand that there are things going on inside our unconscious mind that we are not even aware of yet, because everything is created in the unconscious mind first then into the conscious mind and then action causes manifestation.

So, how can we best use this? What if we knew the answers that we need to find solutions to sort out our problems already existed? It could be anything, it matters not. The process is the same. Maybe it's in your business, maybe you want to come up with some better ideas, maybe your health, anything in your life. Just think about what there is that you want to change, because all the answers are in your unconscious mind.

You see, when you go inside the mind, it's like stepping into the TARDIS in Dr Who. It's bigger inside. It's so huge in there. It has no limits.

Everything that you need is in there so you can access ideas and solutions, bring them into conscious thought then take action to allow them to manifest in the physical world. This allows you to know that you are making the right decisions because the solutions delivered by our unconscious mind are always right. 
For this reason, always follow your instincts.

So, what's the best way to achieve this? To create less stress, change happens naturally. It just seems to be like a natural flow of things. Following a simple three step process affects change faster, with less stress, knowing that you have the right solution.


We need to first go into our unconscious mind. How do we do this? The most effective means is through hypnotic processes. Self-hypnosis allows us to bypass the filtering system; communicate directly with the unconscious / subconscious mind, and it's almost as if you can walk around inside this massive space. We can just walk around and see what's available to us.

Step 2

Then to transfer this into conscious thought, transition happens through a process of mindfulness. By being mindful of what the solutions are, you link unconscious to conscious thought, bringing about whole brain function.

Step 3

After you transfer the answers you seek into a conscious mind state you take appropriate action. When you take appropriate action, take the steps necessary, changes happens naturally.

Next time you think about what you want to change, don't try to sort it out in a logical, analytical sense. Cut to the chase, always remember, go to the source; to where it first begins.

Follow the three step process. Tap into the unconscious mind through self-hypnosis. Transfer solutions into the conscious mind by way of mindfulness and take action to allow it to manifest into the world. Just start trying this process; three steps and you'll be amazed how natural, how much easier it is, and how fast this works for you.

Enjoy your journey on the inside!