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Message From the Universe: Your IMAGINATION Is Worth 1,000 Words!

"There's a name for the magic, which transforms lives, connects dots, moves mountains, and orchestrates coincidences that shock and astound.


And there's a name for all that stops you in your tracks, stirs fear, spins wheels, and leaves you wondering, "Hey, what's up with that?"


Careful where you point that thing, 
The Universe"

Between you and me, I prefer the former option. If it's that easy to render results with just your imagination, might as well render some positive outcome, right? The energy that you put in to think negative is almost as equal as the energy that you invest when thinking positive thoughts. However, you need many negative thoughts versus just a couple positive to even out the outcome. That is the beauty of all this. We have over 60 000 thoughts that cross our mind every day, so it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Regardless of how you try to block negativity, it will squeeze in and create havoc in your progress. You need to make it a habit to always think positive, to focus only on the good things, to train your mind to be grateful for what you already have. You do not need to panic for all the thoughts that cross your mind to carefully and meticulously remove the bad thoughts. This is not a way to live but to make things easier, start focusing ONLY on bringing in hope and faith into the mix. Let's not forget a little pinch of belief and trust in yourself and you can have the best recipe for an amazing meal. Self-esteem and self-acceptance covers most of how someone allows others to make decision for them. By giving them the power, you lose your identity and self-worth. Avoid that at all cost.

Looking to move mountains, transform lives, and change the world? It all starts with you. Imagine everyday that you are doing just that, even if you have to fake it until you make it. Deeper your thoughts are about believing in yourself, believing in your self-worth, more opportunities will open up and more accomplished you will feel everyday. I can't promise you that the road to success will be an easy one, without the unexpected potholes here and there, the wavy road that may make you sick at times and all disappointment that may come along in this fun journey. That road that you are taking is a very lonely road as many are too afraid to venture into, and I can promise you that will never find any traffic out there. Learn to think outside the box, train your subconscious mind so you can explore your full potential but most importantly, always be grateful that you do have the power to change things. Just use your IMAGINATION.

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