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5 Simple Hacks To Reclaim Your Focus

I love the Internet.

It has democratized knowledge and information across the globe.

It has decentralized resources and power monopolized by corporations and governments.

It has destroyed the geographical boundaries of people's connection.

Massive benefits have been generated by the advent of the Internet.

However, the dawn of the information age has also brought us immense problems to humanity.

One of the most devastating examples is that it has killed most people's ability to focus.

Nowadays, everyone expects an instant reply once a WhatsApp message is read.

Everyone wants to gain the most amounts of likes in their Facebook and Instagram posts.

Everyone wants to get insider secrets of any kinds of "How To Solve My XYZ Problem" right now.

Immediate gratification has somehow become our societal standard, while most of us forget the truth that any rewards worth reaping require massive preparation and sowing.

Anyway, it's time to regain our focus. Here are 5 quick hacks you can use today to prevent yourself turning into an A.D.D. zombie.

1. Cut Off Your Hands If You Multitask Again

Okay, I am just kidding, don't cut your hands.

But hey, you must NOT multi-task from now on because it's almost always the root cause of losing focus.

We are cognitively incapable of multitasking and this very act of switching tasks is lowering your IQ, according to a report from CNN.

Use the power of full engagement to whatever you do and gain the pleasure of extreme productivity.

2. Prevent Distractions In Advance

Did people die back in the days when they didn't have cell phones?

Probably, especially when they had a heart attack and bystanders couldn't find a telephone booth for ambulance help.

The point is, the world is NOT going to explode if you don't use your mobile phones for a day.

Switch your phone into airplane mode when you need to work.

Stop replying to text messages and checking the updates of your social media accounts when you're having a date.

Avoid listening to music in your headphones while you're at a friend's dinner party and start talking and socializing with real people.

3. Dominate Your Goals In Chunks Of Blocked Time

Being clear about what you set out to do gets half the job done, even before you start it.

By meandering about the job and not able to clearly define what you are going to do, you lose focus midway and you may leave the job half done.

So block out specific times throughout the day where you'll do NOTHING BUT the most important one that's going to move you towards your big goals.

While we have different productive hours, it's generally a better idea to tackle the most difficult tasks first thing in your work day as that's when you have the most willpower, energy and focus.

4. Prioritize Your Day The Night Before

Never go to sleep without laying out the exact game plan for tomorrow.

Extreme productivity starts the moment you wake up and automatically follow the plan without much extra thoughts.

So set out your focus strategies the night before, prioritize the most important ones to complete first, and then just finish them one by one the next day.

5. Take Breaks & Exercise

If you are not making much progress in your current task, walking away from it and coming back to it later can sometimes increase your productivity and get it done.

Instead of keep banging your head against the wall, take a quick 15-20 mins break, rejuvenate yourself with fresh fruits and lemon water, take a walk in the nature if you want, and then come back to it with a refreshed perspective.

Also, make exercise a mandatory part of your daily routine. It increases the blood flow to your brain, sets you in a positive mood and helps you stay focused for the day ahead.

With these 5 simple hacks, you can easily reclaim your focus and get all the heavy lifting done today!