Manifestation miracle

Wonderful You - YOU HAVE ALREADY WON the Game in Life That You Chose to Play!

Wonderful, willing, worthwhile, enlightened, are you divinely inspired to be made into your own powerful, emotive human package on earth and beyond.

Acquiesce life's anguish and contend, as tomorrow you will be reigning in dubious grace and proficiency; as aster buds in full bloom for all the world to see, especially YOU... Today I took a glimpse at a yellow rose, in my garden, reminding me, that I receive gentle whispers of encouragement by friends and family that like to read poetry.

Avow to you and make a new vow to you; Rein-in and render a delightful dinner plate full of all the appeasing comforts and colors of what's deliciously appealing and revealing. YOUR PLATE CHOCK full of your supremely, resolutely, designed savory, supper time splendor.

As you enjoy every morsel,take in and imbibe like fine wine; even if you don't drink; you will reap the effects of what you are served;good food, fine drink; Enjoy heartily when you have fully savored those delicious palates and flavors...

Wink at your becoming graceful face; see your reflection in the mirror; blow yourself a kiss... Aim at your target: You don't want to miss; such a beautiful opportunity to soothe the special person that looks back at you;when you see yourself in the mirror: Appreciate that superb BEING; For That person is you!!!!

Anticipate and accelerate in the amusement of life. *For life is but a game with many parties, presentations, negotiations: victories, challenges: complete with parting gifts and prizes to be won!!!!!

SEE your ASTUTENESS in how well you play the game of life, in all that you distinguish KNOW that as long as you are BEING WONDERFUL you; YOU HAVE ALREADY WON the game in life that you chose to play! Be true to yourself, desires, goals and inspiration will soon follow.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!!&id=9517808