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Message From the Universe: You Are ALWAYS a Winner!

"Most don't stop to think but both having money and not having money make fantastic adventures possible that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Same for having and not having anything else.

Everyone's a winner in time and space, 
The Universe"

The Universe doesn't discriminate, either race or religion, color of skin or sexual orientation, it just DOESN'T care. Your thoughts are created by you, whoever you may be. You communicate with the Universe about what you want, regardless of your status. You want money and power? Make sure to be clear with your intent. Do not mix the good thoughts with the bad ones as the Universe may be confused as to what you really want or what you really deserve. Many mentors I have met in the past have always shared with me the Fake it until you make it approach. I am not saying to be a fake individual, I am just mentioning that your attitude will change with the feelings you are experiencing at that exact moment. If your feelings are of wealth and abundance, or if you visualize the path you are taking as that present time will guide you to ultimate wealth, you need to act upon your thoughts and believe it will happen. Just try it, and you will see what I am talking about. There is no reason why others made their dreams a reality, they all have the same organs, eyes, heart, lungs and brain to make all of their dreams come to reality. They are not designed differently besides their thought process. They think differently and act accordingly. So why not you?

There is no doubt that the successful people out there are wired differently. They will experience hell like every other person but what makes them different is overcoming hellish moments but come out a winner. Tough times last because you allow it to happen. After the rain comes the sunshine, unless you live in Seattle and rain last 360 days a year, but hey, you may still have 5 days or sunshine right? Look forward to the good and handle the bad. If success was easy, everyone would go for it but as you can see, not many experience great success in their lifetime. Who is to blame for that? Certainly not anyone else. Take action of your own present, because the past is already done, and the tomorrow has not yet happened. So what is left? You know the answer to that one!!&id=9510712