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6 Helpful Ways to Refresh an Overwhelming Day

It's always hard to be in a situation where you are burdened by many things and you can't accomplish anything. For this case, you have to restart the button, recover from being overwhelmed and return to your tasks. To help you refresh yourself, here's what you can do:

1. Give yourself a break to ease the stress

You have to remind yourself that there's a big world out there. It's important to get away from your troubles and physically set a distance from them. So, what about read a fascinating book that is totally different from what you're doing or find time to see a movie.

2. Stretch once in a while, get some exercise

Same concept matters here, but now with physical involvement of yourself. You may work out in the gym, take a long run or enjoy swimming. It's good to do this exercise in the middle of the day to separate the stressful morning from the rest of the day.

However, we can't just do this every day or getting into a gym for example is practically possible. Nevertheless, make sure that you move and stretch once in a while. Take some decision to walk in a city or when you are going home from work.

3. Breathe deeply

This step is much shorter and practical. Have time to take a full 120 seconds to inhale and exhale very deeply. Repeat it for 6 or 7 breaths per minute. After doing this, everything will be a little bit clearer and better.

4. Be thankful always

Believe me or not, you got many things to be thankful for. You are alive living in a good place or in a city or in a country. Your life is so comfortable with the use of modern devices that entertain you, inform you of many important and interesting things and other things brought by modern life and you can enjoy them for free. Most of all, you have people whom you love and people who love you, though you don't realize it yet. No matter how tough life is, but so are you. Just take some moment to reflect and rest.

5. Take time to pray or meditate

Well, you need a place to meditate to think and reflect on your life. Find a good place such as a church or a temple or any place to get some connection to a higher being and pray for a good life.

6. Call a friend

Do you have a friend from college or s childhood best friend that you haven't talked for a long time? Maybe it's a good time to get the chance to talk with someone who you are close with. Have a great conversation with someone who's not part of your present drama.