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Message From the Universe: Quality Over Quantity!

"You really don't have to try so hard.

That's why there's magic and miracles.


The Universe"

When growing up, my parents told me that if you work long hours at work, your chances of success are greater. That was maybe true then, in the 80's or 90's but today, working smarter is what creates more efficiency and chance of success grows exponentially. With the tools we have, such as social media, tablets, laptops, and other technologies available at our fingertips, it helps us save a tremendous amount of time to complete the same task if we didn't have these tools. More technologically advanced we are, less time we take to complete the work that would have taken us double the amount of time. In retrospect, the end result is working less but accomplishing more. Because of this, more companies are adopting the telecommuting option for their staff so they no longer need to spend hours in traffic to arrive at the office in the morning and spend another hour to get back home. By telecommuting, employees feel like they are gaining more time outside of traffic and put it back into work and accomplish a lot more.

I can predict that many organizations will use this approach and allow their staff to work from wherever they want, as long as they meet their quotas of production. This option will also allow companies not to need so much working space, which will reduce cost of monthly rent and utilities. When more and more employees will telecommute, we can predict most commercial rentals split their expenses by combining more than one company utilizing the same space and save money. It is already happening but more and more businesses will be inclined to using this approach in the years to come. More leniency employers give to employees, more productive they (employees) will be.

So when it all comes to your goals and dreams, less you make your success a priority, more you will succeed reaching it. Focus on helping others make it first and the rest will come. Less you think of wealth, quicker it will come. Start working on yourself, on your well-being, on your health and I can promise you that everything else you've dreamed about getting in your life will unravel in front of you. Keep faith!!&id=9531811