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Simple Technique to Instantly Clear Your Mind!

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Do you suffer from brain fog, which makes it hard to think clearly, much less to make good decisions? Does the stress of life these days wrap around you like a scratchy wool blanket, suffocating you in an uncomfortable overheated state that makes it impossible to relax? Do you find your mind so cluttered with "To Dos" and "Should Dos" that you just want to escape from it all?

What if your brain is equipped with a special zone where you can go to discover an open, spacious, calm clarity? I'm not talking about going to an imaginary "happy place," though there certainly can be merit in that, too. What I'm talking about is an area in your brain designed to help you let go of stress, clear your mental clutter, and feel refreshed and renewed.

What if I told you that the center of your brain is just such a place?

Deep in the center of your brain, at a point midway between your ears, straight down from the top of your head, and halfway between the center of your forehead and the base of your skull, sits your upper dantian. Your upper dantian or "mind center" is an energy center you can enter and activate to instantly let go of over-thinking and rest in calm clarity.

Why the center of your brain?

First off, because there's no thought there. It's an area related to sensation and feeling, not thinking. Second, your upper dantian is in the neighborhood of your brain stem which regulates your heart-rate and respiration and your limbic brain which regulates your emotions. Because of those structures and functions, focusing into quiet stillness in the center of your brain has a calming effect on your heart-rate, breathing, brainwave activity, and emotional state-as well as a clearing effect on your mind.

Never heard of this spot? Skeptical?

You can check it out for yourself. It's really quite simple.

If you would like to try it now, lightly close your eyes, and take a couple slow, deep breaths. Then, focus your attention into the center of your brain.

Imagine there is a cool, light blue, sphere of energy there. Imagine inside that sphere is a soothing stillness and an open clear spaciousness. Spend a few moments resting there, enjoying that calm spacious stillness. Record that feeling, so you can remember it and return to it whenever you need.

Then, if you'd like to expand that sensation, imagine that calm, quiet, spacious clarity spreading out through your whole brain and then your whole body. Soak in that sensation and really enjoy it.

So, how did that feel?

If you didn't try it, I encourage you to give it a sincere effort. This is a technique I've used in meditation and in countless moments of stress and overwhelm to calm and clear my mind. I've used it in traffic, before presentations, and during heated confrontations. After practicing it often, it's become a reliable cue I can use anytime I need it.

My wife is a singer who has used this technique before and during big performances, such as singing the National Anthem before 50,000 people. She swears by it and has taught it to singing students for years. We have also discovered that this mind center is a gateway to deeper spiritual experiences and intuitive guidance.

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