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Conscience - The Sense of Right and Wrong

Conscience - the sense of right & wrong

After crossing an age-bar of thirteen to fifteen, almost everyone begins to feel the control they have upon their minds. They usually start to know that they have something called a 'brain' in the upper mental cavity which can be utilized in the way they want. They start to develop their own conscience that is, the sense of right & wrong. Fantasies erupt excessively at this age when teenagers think that they can handle everything by themselves & create their own world where they are the king of their thoughtful territory. And suddenly, the hard blows of conflicting realities give a high powered shock & they are blown back to the normal world. Why do such gaps exist in the ways we think of the world & the form of world right in front of us? Is it beneficial in any sense?

The time is constantly changing, but not our values. We keep on changing the way we live our lives superficially, but we cannot change the very basic & fundamental laws that govern the existence of human life on earth. We cannot break those laws, but only break ourselves against the laws. These laws include parameters of love, care, sacrifice, sympathy, affection & many more which have completely different definitions in this present world. The extent to which the conflict between fantasies & realities is avoided is determined by the fact of how much you feel connected to these laws & how much closeness is there in your ways of life and that suggested by these influential laws. For instance, the definition of love has changed & a new term called 'relationship' has taken its place. When the need of having someone is partially completed with a girlfriend or boyfriend, we fail to understand the remaining definition of love. Saying 'I love you' only meant that love is being shared. But this isn't true. Such definitions have had to face oppositions at some point of time. And then comes the feeling that we should have our own world. Aligned to such thoughts, we sense & consider what is right for us & what isn't.

Actually, if a deeper analysis is carried out, it will be found that fundamental laws are ubiquitous. They can't be avoided, but can be utilized to maximum advantage by understanding the difference between the basics & the contemporary world. The more we understand these laws, the more we can make use of them. The more we utilize them, the more organized our life will be & the maxim goes like this. With respect to the instance considered above, it's not that all relationship are fake & life-less. It's just that we need to know what we are heading for & try our best in making the most perfect combination to materialize right in front of ourselves.

Remember that opposition is beneficial if taken with your heads down & with patience & wisdom in your mind.