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Within A Thinking Person, The Life Of Fear Is Limited

The fundamental thing in life is the courage to live life. With that simple sentence, I begin this article. There are many things we all need to overcome before we do "make it where we want to go", and even then: There is work and usually lots of it to do after that. I remember when my Dad was dying in 1990. He basically said that it was not the end for his consciousness and that there was more to do for him elsewhere and somehow. To be honest, I wanted so bad to think he was "delusional" or "crazy" somehow. But, being that there is not any end to change, and never any end to the need for courage over fear. I am convinced that he was and is right in so many ways, and courage that is consistent is a process, a consistent process, not an end to be "achieved permanently" without anything else to do to achieve it.

To prove my point about fear implied in the title of this article, let me go into the nature of panic: When one panics, thought is literally stopped, and fear literally takes over. Where there is courage, and genuine courage, not overconfidence I might add, there is not any panic. What I mean by overconfidence is misunderstanding, what confidence is in the most positive sense is certainty and understanding in the most pure, real, honest and genuine sense.

The mental and spiritual attitude is the valve and lever to reality, and the mental and spiritual attitude can be used to control or lose control of reality. Fear is an attitude as well as courage. Reality misunderstood and feared is a form of panic, and the absence of thought is a form of misunderstanding. With that, I would like to reiterate a formula I give in many other articles:

Patience, understanding and tolerance is the key to a life without panic or fear. Oh, it sounds easy, and it is simple. But like so many worthwhile things, it takes work, it take honesty, and it takes a working conscience, and ultimately it takes a cool, actively thinking mind that takes rational action whatever the circumstances.

Sure, I can talk about rational thinking and action, but, even for me, I have to "play by ear" and force it to happen within and outside of myself and I do flinch, but I ultimately realize that life is only as good as my attitude is and strive to do the right thing by life and existence instead of the wrong. The wrong is always based on panic and fear. The right is always backed by courage and faith. Know that consistent process, and life will ultimately work, whatever the temporary failure, even the seeming "death of a situation". I will simply end with these words that I meditate on honestly and you should too: I get it and I will work with it however it comes. That is tolerance. Understanding is full context perception without prejudice. Patience underpins it all for me, for that is where the peace is. Well, I will leave you some room to think and act, but I have said my peace.,-The-Life-Of-Fear-Is-Limited&id=9533767