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3 Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Energy

As I've always emphasized, it's not about time management, it's about attention and energy management.

Without energy, nothing gets done.

Your ideas won't be turned into reality. Your passion won't be translated into career. Your genius wisdom won't be passed along to your students, apprentices or mentees.

Want to drastically boost your energy levels?

One of the most effective ways to regain your energy is to first look at the things in your life that are draining your energy right now and get rid of them.

Rather than discovering another innovative way to improve your energy, you can eliminate certain things that are sucking your energy away.

In other words, you are improving your energy by doing less and not by doing more. This is so much easier to begin with especially when your energy is so low while taking on new challenges can be exhausting.

Here are the top 3 bad habits that you must break as soon as possible to regain your energy.

#1 Tea and Coffee

If you use caffeine to power you through the day, then this is something you should start to strategically cut down.

While caffeine gives you a quick energy boost, it's severely hampering your energy levels in the long-term. If you take too much throughout the day, you'll find it difficult to get into sleep and get up in the morning. It's actually disrupting your biological cycle.

When you drink caffeine, it emulates the molecule 'adenosine' in the brain. This is a molecule that builds up over the day and which will make us feel tired and groggy later on.

However, since caffeine emulates adenosine, it can 'plug' the adenosine receptors thereby rendering it inert. And that's why we have an artificial feeling of instant energy and drive.

Over time, this leads to tolerance and dependence. The brain produces more adenosine receptors to counteract the perceived lack of adenosine and as such you need more caffeine to feel normal.

This leads to withdrawal and that withdrawal is one of the things making you feel so lethargic, sluggish and inactive in the morning!

#2 Smoking

Nicotine is a stimulant and is even used as a nootropic.

But when you smoke, you also inhale a huge amount of harmful gasses which can severely damage your lung capacity. Eventually, this can lead to a greatly impaired VO2 Max which makes it hard to simply move around without coughing.

For starters, try using vaporizers to break the habit. It's going to do so much good to your health, other people's health and the environmental health!

#3 Procrastination

Procrastination wastes your valuable time without giving you the 'permission' you need to properly rest.

Worst still, when you procrastinate until the last-minute late at night, you are in the worst mental condition to tackle the hard work you have avoided all day to engage with, which will likely lead to poor performance.

Burning the midnight oil does prove that you have great "work ethic" at all, it only tells people that you are bad with prioritization.

From now on, have an attitude of either being 'off' or 'on' for whatever you do.

Walk or sit - don't wobble.

In other words, when you notice your productivity starting to wane, embrace it and use it as a chance to properly recharge so you'll have more energy to get up and go later.