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Message From the Universe: When You Allow Sadness to Become Happiness!

"Would you believe, that there is nothing about your life today, not even what hurts, that you won't eventually appreciate, with happy tears running down your face?


Chokes me up just thinking about it, 
The Universe"

Embrace the challenges in your life. They allow you to learn new things about who you are as a person. Challenges will come and go, either it being simple of very challenging. Never complain about their complexities, as you should be fortunate that they are complex. Why you may ask? Well that is because God knows that you can handle very difficult problems and still come out unscathed. Life will never discriminate you because of your status, your gender, your sexual orientation or whatever else. Whatever you will confront at that moment in time is how life works. Be ready to accept these challenges and always be wiser when it comes to finding the best solution that works for you. Always be willing to break some rules in your journey and learn to ignore the naysayers for everything else that you do. People around you will always be intimidated by your goals and determination to reach these goals. Most are afraid of their own shadows and want to create that same feeling about yourself. Never fall in that trap. You already have a lot to deal with in your own life, the last thing you want to do is getting involved with their insecurities.

I will agree that in most cases, the naysayers are the people who are close to you, like siblings, parents and friends. So how can you get rid of them? You just can't. So are you destined to deal with this negativity? The choice is yours. There are ways around it without being rude or impolite to your own family. The least you say, the better. Less you share, less they have something to be negative about. I understand that you want to share your fortune with your family, OK, but just share it when you have that fortune, not when you are on your way towards it. They will always complain and be negative about your journey towards it, not its destination. You want to have peace in your mind when you progress to that success, so avoid sharing anything until they hear about you through the media, because if your idea is that amazing, the media will get involved. So just wait and then share. If they hear about your success from others, just let them know that you were so busy that you didn't have a chance to share your projects. Believe me, once they see how successful you are, they wouldn't complain much in the fear of being on your bad side. They will congratulate you and that's about it. So here is your solution, take it with a grain of salt but if the alternative of sharing everything with your family and Facebook friends isn't advantageous to you, then you will know what to do next time around.!&id=9477044