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How to Overcome Impatience Linked to Stress and Nervous Disorders

One can tell at a glance how people are inside. Body language and appearances are marks of our character and personality while the external colour of our moods show up as beacons. The light in someone's eyes and the pursing of the lips are indicators of stress, low self-esteem, and even of hate and other things. We can't hide who and what we are and we give out both signals and a smell when we are at odds with the world.

Animals pick up on these things much faster than humans and dogs can instantly recognise friend from foe simply by these external signs. People, however, are also able to discern it even though most will not understand why.

That is the case when one meets another for the first time and the 'chemistry' determines whether one should like them or avoid contact from then on. This is something that might also tell you more about yourself than you are prepared to understand. It is my strong opinion that you see in others what is really in yourself.

If someone impresses you with what you don't like, then look within to see if that is a trait in your own character. The chances are you will find the same thing in yourself and when you work on it the person who reminded you of it will be better understood and appreciated.

Working on one's character in this way improves the charisma and overcomes nervous conditions related to stress and impatience. We all have a degree of intolerance to waiting for things and we tend to have a reaction when something goes wrong or we have an accident. The best way to get over these things is to turn your mind to something happy and the waiting time will be shorter.

Impatience is linked to stress and nervous disorders but it is something we can put right on our own with the correct approach. It just involves some self-discipline and training of the brain to see things in a better light, unless there is a stronger underlying cause.