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Are You Drowning In Your Abundance? (By Rhonda McNett)

This may seem redundant to some of you, but I just can't keep off the proverbial soap box about recognizing "too much," whether it's stuff you're tripping over, things on your never-ending To-Do List or too much vacation time on the books at the office!

That last one really got to me, because I was so guilty of that in my former corporate life. As noted in an article in my Sunday paper via the Kansas City Star (Diane Stafford), time-taken from well-earned hours has been steadily decreasing since 1983. Yikes! No wonder folks are so stressed, driving frantically; experiencing one health crisis after another; raging in too many unwarranted situations. Everyone's just too sick and tired, right?!

Why aren't you taking your well-deserved and duly-earned time off work?

1. No one wants to return to a 2-foot tall pile of work-not-done.

2. There is no cross-training so no one can do your job.

3. Don't get promoted - that just makes it even harder to get away!

4. Employees think that by being on-the-job almost 24/7 they're showing their employers dedication (Really? Heard of Bottom-Line Management?).

5. Maybe you think your co-workers and boss won't like it if you take your time away from the office (Of course they won't - they have to work harder!)?

6. If you're not at your desk, are your worried you'll be replaced?

Valid points, all, surely, but who's really hurting here if you don't go on that vacation? YOU - your family - your health - your peace of mind! UGH! Been there - done that!

But you know what the Project: Time Off surveyors came down to? PLAN! Get that vacation time circled on the calendar ASAP and then GO! Communicate with your peers and management team - don't wait for the chip-on-the-shoulder anger or burnout to catch you unawares.

But, wait: give me a few more seconds of your time, please. That little rant was about vacation-time abundance, just sitting and waiting to be used, right? How about some of the other abundance in your life?

Allow me to remind you of too much stuff, OK? That is pretty much what keeps me in business (followed closely by not enough time), thank you very much, but wouldn't it be great if YOU owned your excess abundance and it didn't own you? Keep working on keeping only what you need; what you love; what serves you well and provides a useful function for you. Envision; plan; purge; sort; containerize; keep on adjusting to The New You!

Trim down that To-Do List to Must Do's or, better yet, hit the Delete Button on a lot of those items that you just keep moving from day to day; week to week; month to month. It's perfectly fine to amend that list to a NOT-To-Do List - banish the guilt and get on with what you really want to do or can do. Life's too short for all the angst we keep dumping on ourselves for... WHAT? Societal expectations? Cultural or age-driven expectations? Find the time to fulfill YOUR life in YOUR way, albeit keeping up with the true expectations that are warranted in your own personal situation.

WOW! Now that was a soap box, eh?! I feel better, and I just hope that you'll be able to take a tiny bit of my pushing to find a bit less of this sort of abundance in your life - and get out there and smell the roses!

Wishing you small victories; increased awareness; positivity; personal power; and, above all, a release from 'just too much' of anything!