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4 Practical Solutions to Relieve Stress

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Many of us experience a certain degree of stress in our day-to-day lives and it can help to use one of the stress-relieving gadgets to reduce it. Stress can have a long-term impact on the health and lead to degenerative diseases, so it makes sense to take the necessary action to control it. Here are four of the most effective tools and gadgets to relieve stress:

Stress ball

The stress ball is usually sized about 6-8 cm in diameter, which is small enough to easily fit in the hand. The stress ball is designed to be squeezed and manipulated by the hands to help with relieving stress. By focusing on the ball it is possible to forget about issues that are causing the stress, which means the body has time to relax in a similar way to mediation. Other benefits of squeezing this light, pliable ball are the ability to exercise the hands and ease muscle tension. Many of these balls are made to be hard-wearing and include a soft foam putty type material in the center and a resilient rubbery membrane on the outside. Plus, the compact size means it is easy to fit in the pocket and take with you when on the go.

Sound machine

For all stressed people, the sound machine is a simple, yet effective solution to shut out all types of unwanted noise in the home or office. These machines are practical relaxation tools and sleep-aids, and play plenty of calming and soothing sounds such as white noise, rainfall, waterfall, ocean or fireplace. By creating the more relaxing environment it is possible to enjoy better sleep, decrease anxiety, calm the mind and ease depression.

Magnetic balls

A great tool to relieve office stress is the magnetic balls. The magnets are really powerful and easily stick together. They are intended to be used to create awesome shapes and can provide hours of entertainments. By focusing on building the simple to complex shapes it is possible to cure boredom, develop the brain and think about something unrelated to what is causing the stress.

Massage mat

Massage mats are simple to use and can be placed on a couch, bed, floor, or other surface to provide a completely natural way to relax the entire body. Most of these mats have plastic discs or spikes that are designed to put pressure on the meridian points. A 20-30 minute session on the mat each morning has the potential to provide plenty of benefits, such as increasing blood circulation, relaxing stressed muscles and producing endorphins.