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Why You Should Block Your Time

Getting distracted is one of the biggest causes for procrastination, chasing deadlines, being stressful, getting frustrated and not getting things done.

Distractions may come in various forms:

  • Maybe you are interrupted when your colleagues walk over and ask you questions or help
  • Maybe you are distracted when the instant messages, phone calls, social media notifications buzz you
  • Maybe you are sidetracked when there is too much noise around or taking too much time for breaks where your motivation dies off.

Whatever the case maybe, you can use time blocking to rescue your time.

In brief, time blocking means reserving a slot of time in your calendar to dedicate it to a task of your choice.

Why should you do so? Well here are some benefits you can derive from:

Benefit #1 Get Yourself Mentally Prepared

When you have already reserved a time slot on your calendar for certain tasks, you're already mentally aware that that's what you are going to tackle in the day. You don't need to invest further thoughts, energy or time into thinking what you should do next.

Often we get distracted by our own random thoughts of "what can happen" or "what should I do now" and eventually we never take action to get things done. Time blocking prevents you from that.

Benefit #2 Laser Focus

When you have already strategically designed what one thing you're going to do at one particular time, you will have super laser-sharp focus to attack the task at hand.

That's the power of doing one thing popularized by authors like Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. When you use it, you will be able to double, triple if not quadruple your normal productivity.

Benefit #3 Extraordinary Performance

Not only will you be able to accomplish things with lightning speed, you'll get more quality work done when you invest all your mental & physical energy into mastering one thing. Quality and quantity of work just both shoot off the roof.

Benefit #4 Unlimited Motivation For The Next Goal

When you get things done, especially those crucial ones that yield massive progress, you will feel awesome and it raises your self-esteem and confidence.

Apart from that, you'll have another surge of motivation to continue dominating the next thing because you've already activated the power of momentum. You are not in the upward spiral of success that's unstoppable.

So these are just 4 little benefits you can get when you time block your calendar. Isn't that enticing enough to at least give it a try and allow yourself to succeed more, bigger and faster?