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How To Talk To Yourself To Get Better Answers

Talking to yourself implies - or rather proves that we have two selves sharing the same head. Whether the relationship between them is conflicted or harmonious depends on whether you're totally clear as to who's talking to who. Otherwise it's the blind leading the blind.

When a person is talking to himself out loud in public, we consider him a bit insane - or at least a little eccentric. But a person talking to himself silently may be no less eccentric, just a little more careful about revealing it to the public.

Neither person may know who he's talking to, but the latter person is at least aware that he's a little off. - Which is a step in the right direction. A step away from eccentricity and towards balance or centeredness. At least he knows how to act - which identifies one of his selves as being the actor.

The "actor" self is the one that sees, hears, thinks, feels and moves his arms around while he's talking. This is the "personal" self. Who's the other self? The other self would have to be something other than personal. It would have to be the opposite of the personal self; it would have to be impersonal in character.

As most of our lives are full of drama or comedy, it'll be useful to think in theatrical terms. A professional stage or film actor always has a director doesn't he. He can't act without outside direction. He needs to know just how angry or patient to be in a given scene or situation, and exactly how to express that anger or patience.

This is because your personal self, in and of itself, can't see anything very clearly or correctly. It's one-sided. Biased. Left to your own devices you misinterpret almost everything. Your perspective is almost always a little off - which is the very definition of "eccentric."

You have to be controlled or managed by someone or some faculty separate from your personal self to give you an objective or detached point of reference. This opposite viewpoint gives you the contrast that's absolutely necessary to clarity of perception. Your impersonal Self, also known as your inner Self, higher Self, higher power, etc., is simply your Aware Self! The Self that doesn't do anything at all except knows everything. It doesn't see, hear, think, feel or act; it's just detachedly aware of your personal self's seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling and doing all the time.

Your personal self is personally biased while your Aware Self is purely neutral. So when you commune with it from an appropriate and respectful distance - out loud or silently, it will unerringly inform you of how to act or perform to your potential.

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