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Speak Words of Inspiration: Ignite Your Passion From Within

Learn by listening to your self when you speak, whether in a personal conversation or speaking to yourself silently. Listen intently to words spoken or written in newspapers, media and books. Give yourself an encouraging chance to advance by fanning the flames and engage the cinders that empower your carefully selected choice of verbal or written fired communication. Speak with purpose, joyful grace and apply communication energy in words that you choose to enlighten the world. Make your words matter, speak to educate, entertain or to add a fire of energy to your audience!

Listen to your soul, speak words of inspiration; gain clarity; learn to calculate your reactions. IGNITE A FIRE WITH YOUR INSPIRED WORDS, remember that there is power in the words that you use to communicate. When words were first organized and made into sentences, the intention was to work together, eventually they made communication and language easier. Words had their rightful place- A simple form of communication for our ancestors: the caveman.

Through evolution and throughout our lifetime on earth; in the way we live our lives; words serve as learning/teaching tools and multipurpose forms of entertainment, preservation and a new fangled way to touch the masses with the strokes of a keyboard and the ability to engage the INTERNET!!!

Words fuel and generate fire to touch the globe with e-mail, mass- marketing, media, and any other positive spin you wish to acknowledge. Like the wood that furnishes the fuel supply for the fire; SO ARE YOU AND SO AM I.

The four initial elements were known as fire, air, earth and water since then since science has proven that there are 118 elements in total. One thing that is certain; fuel is required for burning wood; the fire of light is applied to minimize the darkness, you can't have one exclusive of the other. Light was brought into the equation to eradicate the darkness. To shed light on new ways of thinking: innovative ways of working:to multiply your witnesses: to nurture your audience that were ready to learn and had fire in their hearts. The words that we convey communicate our internal landscape and demonstrate the focus of our intention, speak from the fire that ignites the passion in your heart. Fire is also expressive, and when ignited carelessly, causes turmoil, smoke and dangerous conditions. It can also INCITE MOTIVATION: INSPIRE ACTION, OR DIVERT DANGER, in its most protective form.

Following an age-old pattern of enhancing the elements; we must increase our abilities by adding fire to anything that we wish to gain or enlighten, or to function by feeding the mind with inspired thoughts to gain comprehension.

Like a Florida forest controlled-burn project, averting dry, hazardous forest fires, in the dismally hot summertime, or any excessively dry season. So can the fires of life be diverted to bring empathy and protection by minimizing a possible exacerbated, dry heat- induced catastrophe and averting flames too!

Are you the wood that feeds the fires of your life, causing smoke, extending the fire long past it's usefulness, prolonging the drama in others, even in the most undeserving victim of all: YOU? Or, are you the fire that gets things initiated, fueled and ready to function? Save the smoldering hot burning fire for the fireplace in your home, apply fire, you emit, for a worthy cause: Written, spoken or any form of words introduced and energized correctly: light and inspire others profoundly AND PERFECTLY. . .

Some fireplaces come readily equipped with screens and smoke filters: uniquely designed, for your fireplace, strategically placed to contain the flames in your home to a designated area; serving a worthy purpose, so can your written, and spoken communication be applied to serve; avert; or minimize a fire directed to others, or pointed at you! Keep your fire burning clean as we speak humbly to ourselves: to one another: and listen to our inner words uninterrupted:realizing how our internal words are fed and ignited. Use your own communication skills to your benefit and fan the flames of success with unequivocal passion and conviction.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!