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5 Tips To Block Your Time

As we said before, time blocking is a simple yet powerful tool to save your time, double your productivity and fire up your internal motivation.

Here are 5 secrets on how to block your time effectively so that you can get things done efficiently.

Tip #1 Name It

When you name something, you psychologically become the authority and power of certain things. So when you name your block of time something like "My Golden Gift Hour", or "The Hour of Power", or "My Competition Crushing Advantage", you will be excited to behave productively during that period.

Tip #2 Have All Your Resources Ready

Your blocked time slot must be dedicated to taking action and getting things done instead of wasting it finding your documents getting ready.

So before your golden hours hit, make sure you've already prepared all necessary tools, information, resources for your big task.

Tip #3 Every Block Should Be About 60-90 Minutes

90 minutes is the maximum time most people can focus intensely in a single session without hurting your productivity. It's because we all have an ultradian rhythm where our bodies operate in about 90-minute cycles. This works both during nighttime and day time. (For more scientific research, Google Nathan Kleitman's work on sleep).

So every 60-90 minutes, you must be disciplined enough to take breaks! A 15-20 minutes of complete unwind will be a great idea. So stand up and leave your chair, go outside your office and have a quick walk in nature if possible, do some stretching for your body, drink a glass of 250-500ml of lemon water.

These all will boost your productivity before you start another block of focused work.

Tip #4 Find Out Your Golden Hours

Time blocking techniques work even better when you put that slot of time in a period where you are naturally productive.

So maybe you have an optimum time of the day where you work most effectively. Maybe it's in the morning from 9am to 11am. Or maybe it's at night from 11pm to 1am.

Whatever that is, you should always block out those periods of time for your highest-priority, b-leverage, most profit-generating tasks. When you combine your golden hours with time-blocking methods, you will easily 5 times your ordinary production output units.

Tip #5 Figure Out The Best Location For Work

Everyone has their favorite places to work where they are ultra-productive. That's why you want your focused time block to be in such space and locality.

It can be just your office environment. It can be a non-booked meeting room. It can be an entrepreneurial co-working space. It can be at the comfort of your own home. It can be in a coffee shop in the mall. It can be outside in the park overlooking the lake. It can be a silent study room in the library.

Wherever it is, use such environmental exposure as your advantage for your previous time-blocking activities. It's going to multiply your productivity and results exponentially.