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Letting Go Of The Idea Of Struggling

Believing that struggling is a necessary component of success in any area of our life results exactly in that: STRUGGLING. Once we let go of the idea of struggling being a necessary component of life, we will start experiencing excitement and joy instead of struggle.

"You can't grow without struggling." 
"Struggling is part of life." 
"No pain, no gain."

How many times have you heard claims like that?

Obviously, enough times to take them as part of your belief system without considering other possible ways!

Struggle and pain are a choice. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let me repeat it:

It is a choice, which we blindly opt for just because it is a publicly "accepted" norm and we don't even bother to doubt it.

But, once you begin the journey of constant letting go, and become freer of negativity, you will soon realize that the idea and feeling of struggling is just another negative feeling that can simply be let go.

After all the negative energy behind the idea that pain and struggle must be part of our life, we will find a new level of growth: through excitement, joy and positive anticipations - instead of struggle. From this new level of positive experience, you won't be able to understand the concept of struggling anymore. This is because, from that moment, you will only see it as an opportunity to let go even more of this unproductive concept, or you will not experience it anymore at all. You will be simply experiencing achievements without struggling (expressed as negative energy and anxiety), which will be substituted with positive energy, positive anticipation and positive excitement. Because the idea and concept of struggling will be surrendered, there will be an amazing amount of new opportunities and a whole new level of abundance. The most difficult part will be to decide which opportunity to act upon!

Therefore, letting go of the idea of struggling has got a highly practical meaning in everybody's life. It is a thing that should be done each time we spot that feeling, to build a better and happier way to live.

This, again, is a pure choice. Once we decide that we want to experience progress without struggle, but with joy, excitement and positive anticipation, all we need to do is to keep letting go the negative energy behind the idea of the concept of struggling, until it is completely gone. Then, you will become free of struggle, because it is simply another form of negative energy.

Here is the procedure for letting go of the idea of struggling:

1. In a quiet place, close your eyes. Let your mind bring up any feelings of struggle. Remember a recent situation, if it helps.

2. Start embracing and experiencing these feelings fully. Get deep into the feeling of your struggle.

3. DON'T JUDGE any of these feelings, and mainly, DON'T judge yourself in any way! Just let the feelings come out and experience them, without any attachments. Be an observer of your own feelings, without any attachment or judgment. If you start having any feeling like "I can't", just start experiencing feelings of "I can´t" and let them go as well.


5. Start letting go of the idea of struggle and all the negative feelings behind that. Focus on those feelings. Don't push them back; don't block them or act on them either. Just let them express themselves and let them go.

6. Once the wave of the feelings is let go, ask yourself: "Can I live without struggling"?

7. If you feel any negative or unclear feelings again, repeat the process from the first step, until these negative feelings are gone and you feel that you can live without struggling from now on.

You will probably need to practice this several times, during the following few weeks, or even months. Or at least any time the feeling of struggle arises again (which means it has not been let go completely yet).