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Body Language Secret - Your Eyes!

Body language is important because you are SHOWING the world what you are feeling and thinking. Your body is "talking" (communicating) without you saying one single word. Yikes!

For today, my number one tip for body language is your eyes! There are two important tips to remember.

Eye Contact - Body Language

When talking with someone, look that person in the eyes! Not in a creepy way, but with interest!

Creepy: Creepy is when you don't blink, you stare, or concentrate on another part of their face! Don't do creepy!

Interviewing: For any type of interview (job, pageant, etc.), do NOT look away when someone asks a question. I've seen this so many times and not sure WHY someone thinks that looking away is "the thing" to do. The answer to the question being asked is NOT on the ceiling or in the other room. Look at the person! I believe that we have seen people of influence look away when answering a question and we think it's what we are "supposed" to do. It's NOT!

A Skill: Looking at someone in the eye is not a "natural" skill. In fact, I've had to teach my daughters to greet people while looking them in the eye. It's not something that everyone learns from a parent or picks up by watching others. Therefore, do NOT hesitate to help someone with this important and very basic communication skill. Without this skill of looking people in the eye, you may not get the job or get noticed by that special someone!

Talk With Your Eyes The Eyes Have It!

When communicating, your eyes are a big part of what you are saying. Your eyes can show interest, boredom, excitement, sympathy, panic, wonder or happiness! Yes - your eyes say so much about what you are thinking and feeling!

Tips for talking with your eyes:

First: make certain you follow the tips above! No creepy eyes, don't look away when answering a question and eye contact is a skill that can be learned!

Second: talking with your eyes includes your eyebrows and forehead. Yep - think about it. When you open your eyes in wonderment, you lift your eyebrows and your forehead! 

Third: Stop, look in the mirror. Look straight, then lift your eyebrows. When you lift your eyebrows, something happens to your eyes! You are talking with your eyes when you lift your eyebrows. Lifting your eyebrows may not seem natural at first, but continue to practice in the mirror. Then, practice with a friend. Before you know it, your eyes will be communicating along with what you are saying!

In conclusion, your eyes are important because you are SHOWING the world what you are feeling and thinking. Your body is "talking" (communicating) without you saying one single word. Yikes!!&id=9356337