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My Tips To Manage Stress In The Workplace (By Brenda Lee Mitchell)

I have some tips that I share with my team at stressful times to help them to manage anxiety. The first step is to decide what is actually stressing you. Is it a lack of time, not enough training or just too much to do?

Then you need to speak with your supervisor, a colleague or a friend to help you to deal with the stress. Here are some ways that we work through stress in my office:

1. Write your thoughts in a diary, keep a log in your task section or just a note-book. You do not need to share this with anyone. Give it a little bit of time, say a week, and look for reoccurring themes. Usually without realising, you will be noting something repetitively.

2. Give yourself a way to finish your day. A lot of us leave the office but don't officially finish our work day. We replay things in our mind and talk about work with our loved ones and even dream about it. Make a ritual for your after work health. My husband and I have a 30-minute rule. We have 30 minutes to get everything out and then we don't talk about work anymore for the evening.

3. Practice yoga, meditation, go for walks or hit the gym. Give your body and mind something healthy to focus on. I love to meditate in the morning so that my mind is clear and stress free before I start and I can think clearly. I prefer to exercise, in some form at night. You can try all different things in different orders until you find what works for you.

4. Watch what you put in your mouth, drinks and food make a difference to how you feel. Try to eat healthy food with lots of water as bad food will make you feel even worse.

5. When you are calm, go through your list of stress points with your team leader or manager and see what can be done to make it easier. Perhaps they have a way that they deal with the same item in a calm way. This is not about handing over your work, rather finding a way to deal with what you must do.

6. Take your breaks regularly. I was getting told constantly by my team that they were too busy for breaks, but it is just not productive. By taking that short afternoon tea break or having a break away from your desk you are actually giving your mind and body the time to repair. Your best work will flow when you are rested.

Stress can be different for everyone. Find what works for you and remember that your team is there to support each other. They may be feeling the same, so take the time to speak with each other and your leader.