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The Various Ways You Can Build Up Your Mental Toughness

Do you subscribe to the school of thought that believes in all or none, say for instance when you talk of mental toughness, do you feel that it is a quality which you either have or you don't have at all? Is it is something that is inborn?

Self Discipline

Well to an extent, you may be true in saying that some people are far better self disciplined than yourself. They are more adept at resisting temptation than you. Well they were not born this way, on the contrary they have sought and found ways to develop their mental toughness and make good use of it when it is really required.

Complete Control

The fact is they were never born to be mentally tough, ordinary folks like you and me have devised ways and means to develop mental toughness and use it when it really matters. Don't just assume, always be in complete control.

The Luck Factor

An oft repeated quote credited to Ignatius goes something like this, "Pray as if God will take care of all; act as if all is up to you." This premise applies to luck as well, people feel that luck has got a whole lot to do with success or failure.


They feel luck has favoured them when they succeed and at times when are unable to succeed they feel luck was against them. It is true that many a successful people are of the view that luck has got some role to play in their success.

Own It

Unlike others they don't wait for good luck at all or worry about bad luck. They go about their tasks and act as if success or failure for that matter is completely within their control. If at all they taste success, they are of the firm opinion that they caused it, and when they do fail they say they caused it too.

Mental Energy

By adopting this approach they refrain from wasting any mental energy about what might happen to them, they are now in a frame of mind to put all their efforts in making things happen. With luck on their side, they are even better off, as it is said that fortune favours the brave.

For Yourself

It is to be clearly understood and remembered that you can never control what luck does for you, but you can surely control what you can go ahead and do for yourself. Refrain from making a lot of choices, the lesser the choices the better for you as all of us have got only a finite store of energy for exercising that all important self-restraint.

Impulsive and Reckless

The more choices we tend to make, the more taxing it gets for our brain, and we start looking for shortcuts. We tend to get impulsive and reckless, by and by we seem to run out of the all important mental energy needed to arrive at smart choices.

Too Many Choices

Too many choices are arch enemies of mental toughness, the same is true for ease and convenience. The decisions that require you to be mentally strong have will power out of the equation.

Final Words

Always remember there would be certain things that would be beyond your control, it is prudent that you stop fussing about them. Letting go of the past is a wise thing to do, while learning from your past mistakes at the same time. Always create as well as celebrate awesomeness, resentment draws massive amounts of energy, that could be better applied elsewhere. Finally recharge your mental batteries by counting your blessings, you have a lot to be thankful for and feel better about that is the best way to toughen up mentally.