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Message From the Universe: Where Logic Has NOTHING to Do With Your Reality!

"What if every single decision you ever made was the right one, all things considered?

They were, and you totally rock.

What Would Do? 
The Universe"

Yes, I know, I just stated something IMPOSSIBLE, or I should say: IMPROBABLE. Obviously, no one is perfect enough to be right, ALL OF THE TIME. But let's analyze this for a second. The decision you will make today will have direct repercussion in your life and probably, in others as well. Depending how you are related, your decision can affect the well being of others, either it being positive or negative. It is obvious that you will do everything in your power to think things out properly before jumping quickly into action. You want to make sure that all options are presented to you so you can select the one that will render the best results. This is human nature, and many adapt this approach in their everyday life. What would you do if every decision you made was right? Now, when I say that it doesn't mean that it was right in the eyes of others, but primarily right for you. That's what counts right? Of course, when you have people depending on you, such as kids or spouse or siblings, you will need to take into consideration many factors prior to making decisions so everyone comes out a winner. All things considered, you will feel accomplished, like a king, like a master that knows NO WRONG. Amazing feeling isn't it? This is how you should feel when you look at your life when you take action. Be confident with your decisions.

I agree that life doesn't always offer you these opportunities of being right all the time, but when you are not, you need to admit to it and confess. It is your responsibility to understand that your decisions today will have an impact tomorrow or in the near future. Be ready to assume responsibilities for your action and correct them at all cost. When you screw up, you fess up and this is what many have difficulties in doing. They rather stop talking to the person they did wrong instead of making amend. This is definitely a good way to screw yourself up in the future. People make mistakes, it is a part of life and admitting to these mistakes is what will make you a better person for yourself and everyone else. There is no need to hide behind your wrongdoings, just come out and breathe the air around you and start fresh. Most importantly, learning to apologize will take you very far in life, no matter if it wasn't all your fault.!&id=9506587